Saturday, July 02, 2005

Red, White & Blue

Red - the sunburn I got from swimming at the lake all day.White - the bikini I finally wore right side upBlue - The color of the sky once the storm clouds cleared up.Yeah, I know, you're asking about the white. So, last year I bought this Tommy Hilfiger bikini that I've only worn a few times because the top just didn't feel right on me. I kept 'peeking' out the bottom. Well, duh. I had the thing on upside-down the whole time. I finally figured that out at the end of last summer the last time I wore it. Now I got to wear it in public for the first time the right way. Go me.I had a great day with my friend, Karmen, whom I used to work with a couple years ago at Red Rocks. She and her family have a big, beautiful house on Lake Norman, and a boat and jet ski to go with it. Well, last year I took quite a tumble from the jet ski, sustaining serious injury (I broke a nail - shut up) and causing damages to personal property (my cigarettes got wet - shut up). This year, we survived unscathed. I even got to throw her son off the boat 3 times this year. Last year he would NOT have been laughing about it. He's come a long way, baby.That night, we took the boat back out on the lake after a cookout back at the house. Queens Landing was having a fireworks show for everyone. It was great! We waited an hour and a half for a 20 minute show, but hey, it was cool watching it from the water. We had a prime spot too. We finally got back to the house at about a quarter after 11. Not bad, I sucked it up and drove the hour back home rather than sleep there. I was feeling fine, and my kitties were glad to see me after a long day alone.

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