Friday, June 30, 2006

Yarn Roving Pr0n Friday the 10th 1st!

I got the most wonderful R.A.K. yesterday. I've been spending more time in chat lately, and lamenting that I couldn't find any roving around her to learn how to spin on. I wasn't sure what to look for online, and didn't want to get anything too extravagent for my first attempts with the drop spindle. The fabulous spinndiva (or just "spin" to the chatters) offered to send me a bit of Corridale Top to learn on. Great. Fab. Wonderful. Well, she didn't send me Corridale. She sent me a giant heap of Swaledale Roving! I have no idea what that means, but it's gorgeous and I had fun taking pics of it for today's pr0n. So, without further ado, the first Roving Pr0n Friday! Thank you, spin! Swaledale Roving 8 Swaledale Roving 12 Swaledale Roving 10 Swaledale Roving 9 Swaledale Roving 7 And a little gift tucked inside as well. A WPI tool! Wraps Per Inch Tool The entire photoshoot can be seen in the Flickr Set. Please check it all out.

Which Princess Bride Character Are You?

Stay tuned for Yarn Pr0n Friday. The pics are ready, I'm just not. In the meantime...

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

L is for Loca

Because I must be crazy to subject myself to this. PurlPower was the first to suggest, over on the knittyboards, that we should flash our sock yarn stash for all to see and try and figure out how long it would take us to knit our way out of it. Sounds like self-masochism to me. Hence, I must be Loca to go through with it. Oy. The VaultOK, here's the lair where the sock yarn live. Most of it anyway. Your basic 3 drawer rubbermaid bin that once upon a time, held my entire stash. Oh how it's grown up. Now it holds my sock yarn. Barely. Bottom Drawer To the left here we see the bottom drawer. Stuffed to the gills of course. I did have some reasoning for it's contents. This is my Fortissima and Solid Knit Picks Sock Yarn, with a few strays. Now, I'm getting all clever here, so click on the pic of the drawer to see the contents spread out on the floor. There are 12 skeins of Knit Picks Essential Solid Sock Yarn, 10 skeins of Fortissima (mostly solids, 2 skeins Disco that I musta been on crack when I bought, and one giant ball of a prettier pink sparkly yarn), 2 hanks KP Sock Memories (S'mores) and 4 skeins of Brown Sheep Wildfoote. Middle Drawer Now we come to the middle drawer. It's all Knit Picks. Mostly Dancing. Again, click the pick to see the contents splayed out on the floor. I have 14 skeins of KP Dancing (used to have 20 - I gifted 4 - duplicates- and I'm knitting with 2 right now) 4 skeins of the Parade Stripes, 4 hanks and 4 skeins of Sock Garden in 3 different colorways, and 2 hanks of Sock Memories in Grandma. Crap. I'm missing my pic of the top drawer. I'll have to fix that later. For now, here's the contents straight off. 5 Skeins of Lion Magic Stripes, 5 Skeins of Trekking XXL (really I have 6 but one is in my knitting bag waiting to become Pomatomus as soon as I finish the mini-cabled socks. I call it incentive) and 6 skeins of Sockotta. I love me my Sockotta. Top Drawer But yeah, that's not all. I have some in my bookshelf too. The "good stuff" as I like to think of it. Well, just as good if not better than the rest. A semi-pr0n shot for you: The Good Stuff That's 4 hanks of Lorna's Laces, 1 hank Louet Gems Merino, 1 hank of CMTigger's handpainted, and one hank of Black Bunny Fibers sock yarn. Up to now, you've seen enough sock yarn for 51 pairs of socks. Then there's the stuff from the spindle sale that I really don't know how many pairs I can make from. First the mini cones - at least 7 pairs worth. Cones! And then my yarn cakes that, oh my, I have no idea. Yarn Cakes There's at least 5 pairs of sock yarn there, if not more. And I do have a couple spindles I didn't show you, that is yarn I think maybe can be used for socks, but I don't know as I will use it for that. We'll see. So, that's at least 63 pairs of socks worth of yarn, not counting what can be made of the leftovers. Left Overs That's left overs from 4 pairs and 2 singles that I've made since the beginning of the year. So, at the rate of 1 pair a month, I'm set for, oh, 5 and a quarter years. I need to step up the pace. Loca, y'all. I'm definitely Loca. edited to bow to the great knowledge of the spanish language that our dear Stephy is trying to teach me.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beware, Lurkers are Out There!

I was amazed at the number of people that actually took my Quizzy Thing. Geez, dangle a bit of free yarn in front of your noses and look what happens! I had 34 people try for a perfect score. Only one failed to get even one question right. But, I did have a winner, Trek, a long-time lurker - with a fabulous memory, was the only one to get a perfect score! So, this went out to her yesterday: Plymouth Royal Bamboo 3 skeins of Plymouth Royal Bamboo in a nice creamy white color. Hope you enjoy it, Trek! And finally. Mmm...chocolate.

Like chocolate cake, you are friendly, dependable and make a great friend. You're the perfect person to turn to in times of need!

Monday, June 26, 2006

True Colors

More than just the episode title of last night's Deadwood (Hearst is a badass mofo that'd better not mess with Alma again!), I had a chance to try my hand at Kool-Aid dyeing again yesterday. Let's see what true colors I came up with. Lemonade Kool-Aid Turn My goal was get a tri-colored yarn going from a nice bright yellow to a dark red. I figured if I started with the yellow first, I could then do the red and the middle would be orange by default. Well, not so much. I left one end natural, hoping for that end to be just red. So I covered it in plastic wrap and hung it over the side of the bowl. So far, so good.
Needs more Punch! Then it was time for the Fruit Punch. This clearly wasn't going to hack it, so I mixed up more fruit punch and threw it back in the microwave. Lemme tell ya, if you need to clean your microwave, throw a bowl of water in it and nuke it for a few minutes. The moisture makes the crud wipe clean really easily. Anyway.Final Rinse I finally came out with something somewhat resembling what I was hoping for. I didn't get a distinct band of orange in the middle, but now I know that overlapping colors doesn't necessarily mean they'll blend that well. So on my next attempt, I'm going to try 3 different colors, with some actual orange kool-aid involved, and we'll see what I come out with. Hopefully it'll look better than this: Lemon Punch But I did finish something with Yellow, Orange and Red in it! Dunno what mood I was in to make me use those colors all day yesterday, but I did. I needed an instant gratification knit. I thought back to my first swap oh so many months ago, in which I swapped chocolate for yarn with Zonda. I wanted the Cotton-Ease so I could make a cozy for my Dell Pocket DJ. Other projects kept getting in the way, but finally yesterday I'd had enough. It was time. So, armed with my short row toe knowledge and the Random Stripe Generator, I cast on 13 stitches provisionally, did 1 set of wrap & turns, picked up my provisional stitches, and started knitting. When I got to the end, I cast off the front 10 stitches, started an i-cord on the next 3 - did about 6 or 8 inches of cord, grafted it onto the 3 stitches on the other side of the 10 bound off stitches, and kept knitting on the final 10 live stitches until I had a flappy-thing. I did a few decreases, made a button hole, did another set of decreases and bound off. Sewed on a button, and tada! MP3 Cozy  1 MP3 Cozy 2 Why such a short i-cord? MP3 Cozy 3 What gave me the idea for a wristlet? Pink Rarz Wristlet New phone! My cell phone battery was dyeing a quick and ugly death. So I got a new one on Friday. Let's have Ripple model it for you. New Phone! Pink Razr Heh, I'm not much for pink, but I wanted a Razr and I didn't want one that everyone here at work was toting around. So, pink it was. Until they come out with a chartreuse green one anyway. Heh.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Yarn Pr0n Friday the 8th!

Yeah, I figured I'd stick with same title format for Friday's. So y'all know what this is all about. Heh. Whatever. So, looks like Trillian42 is the only one paying attention lately. Surely someone can beat her - right Bezzie? Stephy? Come on now. You can at least do better than Rain (ahem). I swear I didn't put many trick questions in there. Just, tricky, yeah tricky is the word. Anyway, on with the show. After all, y'all are here for the pr0n right? Today's feature is Plymouth Royal Bamboo in Color #40 - Shrimp. That's right, shrimp pr0n. Heh. As with all pictures posted on this blog, you can click them and see larger, higher definition pics. And there are a nice bunch of pr0nny shots in my Yarn Pr0n photo set at flickr. Have at it. Plymouth Royal Bamboo 1 Plymouth Royal Bamboo 2 Plymouth Royal Bamboo 3 Plymouth Royal Bamboo 4 This stuff is oh so soft. It's knitting up nicely too. A little squnched (yes, squnch is a word in my world) on the 9" needle, but bigger ones are on the way from Webs, along with more yarn for the shrug portion of this pattern (featured in yesterday's new project post). So, here's a look at the way this is knitting up so far, check the stitch definition on it. Lacey Camisole Stitch Detail Lacey Camisole Plymouth Royal Bamboo WIP Lacey Camisole If any of you have been wanting to work with some bamboo yarn, this is the stuff I'd reccommend. Sure, the SWTC version has more yardage in a skein, (250 vs 93) but this stuff is, well, round for one. If that makes any sense. It's more yarn-like as opposed to tape-like. And it's yummier in the softness category. It is on the splitty side to work with, but I have a feeling that's more due to the tips of the Balene needles than anything else. And with that, I leave you with a contest. I have 3 balls of this in a creamy-white color. A perfect score on my quiz (from the first time taking it, not a redo cheaters!) will win you the bamboo yarn. Have at it kids.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Y'all Better Score 100

I think I made it too easy. But hey, since all the cool kids are doing it. Please, take My Quizzy Thing.

New Projects - Yay!

So I got the itch the other night to get a new "big" project on the needles. Something bigger than a sock anyway. Because socks don't count as projects when you always have one going. Right? So, believe it or not, I actually found a few things I wanted to knit out of the latest Knit 'n Style magazine. Which, typically, puts out patterns worthy of being on You Knit What? As evidenced by this horrid "Ruffled Jacket" by Skacel that they have in this same issue. So, overall, this issue is a winner because not only have I found some pretty good designs, I found some great entertainment for my knitting group as well. So anyway, I dug through the stash, trying to find the appropriate yarn for the "Lime Shimmer Tank" and lemme tell ya, I searched and searched the web trying to find out about the yarn used in the pattern. It's a Coats & Clark yarn, Aunt Lydia's Shimmer - but that's all I can find! That, and it's sportweight. So great. What the hell does that tell me about it's recommended gauge and what not. Sheesh. So, I ended up subbing a yarn I knew just about as much about. Yarn from the Spindle Sale. (See the flickr photoset here or read the blog entry here.)DK weight stuff See that green stuff in the lower left hand corner? That's what got me gauge, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. It's a nice soft rayon blend. It's knit in the round, from the bottom up. So the lace is up first. A challenge for me, but I'll take my time so as not to completely fuck it up. Up next, which I started last night at my knitting group, the Lacy Camisole & Shrug. This, I'm actually using the specified yarn as well as the color! I scored 7 balls of the Plymouth Royal Bamboo in Color #40 (Shrimp) yesterday for 40% off. I need at least 5 more balls to get both pieces done, but I figure I'll order the rest off the web for the camisole (that intricate lace can wait) and do the camisole now. So far, it's knitting up nicely, if a little splitty. But it's so freakin' soft! So, I spent last night working on the Lacey Camisole, and got through 2 pattern repeats. The lace pattern is 17 stitches across, and I think that's a damn good thing. Hopefully, all will go well. And tomorrow is yarn pr0n friday on ye olde bloggy thing, so stay tuned for some shrimp bamboo pr0n.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Damn you, woman.

(Yes, this picture was posted yesterday at the Knitting Crazy Cat Ladies blog but I'm posting here too, nyah nyah.) Ha!  The Pi has it's filling Look who I conned into sitting in the basket for about 3 minutes? I had to pick him up and put him in it, sit with him for a few minutes scratching his head, then run and get the camera. Thank God I got proof he's been in it. What a sour puss.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My SP 7 is the Bestest!

Package OpenHoly crap did my SP ever spoil me with this first package. It was jam-packed full of fun stuff! I just kept pulling stuff out of it, like a car full of clowns. Crazy. Love Towel The first thing I noticed was how great the package smelled when I opened it. Turns out it was these. How funny is that? "Love Towels" - it reminds me of the novelty baptismal soap I got a friend that said "wash your sins away!" and what not. Hi-larious. Click on the pic and view a larger size to read all the fun detail on the package. I just look at the package and it cracks me up. Frog Tape Then, I found something that reminds me of one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Rain, tattoo tape with frogs all over it! I have no idea if you are actually supposed to rub it on your skin for a temporary tattoo or if it's more like packaging tape, but it's cute so I don't care! Hee hee! Turtle Hanger! I then found this lil' guy wrapped up in plastic bag. Isn't he cute?! He's meant to hang from a planter. I'll have to bring him outside to the patio, I have some hanging plants out there in a severe shortage of turtle related decoration. And then I found this smack dab in the middle of the package. I set it down to take a picture of it and just as I snapped the pic, Ripple jumped up on the futon and sniffed at it. I call it a lucky shot. How cool is this? Crystal It's a Crystal meant for my garden (or where-ever I please. But I think the garden is a great spot for it.) I'm not sure if it's going to get my Chakras in order or even if I spelled "chakras" right but I think they need organizing. So hopefully this crystal will help. I'm still in pain from my idiotic boating mis-adventure. (Yes, I dove into 2 feet of water and punched myself in the nose. My arm hurts, my back hurts, and my nose is slightly swollen and bruised. I'm a clutzy idiot. I thought it was deeper I swear!) ANYWAY, where was I? Oh, the next thing I managed to squeeze out of the tightly packed box, was an assortment of Coffee and Bath Bomb and Cat toys - Oh my!goodies. Namely a Vermont Country Blend of Coffee (Green Mountain is the best!) a Lilac Bath Bomb (Lilac is my most favoritest flower!) and some toys for the fuzzbutts. Shortly after this pic Ripple was playing his own version of the World Cup. Then the knitting fun commenced. SP Package 1 Fun Fur Flip-Flops my SP created herself! A cute bumble bee tape measure, a Kacha-Kacha (oh how I love Kacha-Kachas - let me count the ways...) the Knitter's Guide to Yarn Requirements, Cherry Tree Hill Bulky Cotton Chenille and Karaoke (a wool/soy silk blend - who knew? I had no clue there was soy silk in it!) Yes, pr0n will follow shortly in the usual full sized manner. I'm here for you, the yarn oglers. Of course I had to right away try on the flip-flops. Unfortunately, my giant hooves didn't quite fit. But I have a very dear friend that I think will love these! Furry Flip-Flops! And my SP knows my aversion to Fun Fur, but yes, I did appreciate the creativity she had with using it! My SP is very talented. Take a closer look at the bumble bee tape measure, this thing is too freakin' cute for words. You pull on it's stinger to reveal the tape.Knitting Stuff! Ok, time for yarn pr0n. Lemme tell ya, this Cherry Tree Hill Bulky Cotton Chenille is so soft. Oh, and the colors! The colors! Cherry Tree Hill Cotton Chenille 3 Cherry Tree Hill Cotton Chenille Cherry Tree Hill Cotton Chenille 2 My SP says that she made a large-needle in the round summer bag with it. I think that's a great idea. Any clues on where to find a pattern? Or one I can adapt? She also sent me two balls of SWTC Karaoke. SWTC Karaoke Much to my surprise, this stuff is 50% Wool and 50% Soy Silk. I had no clue! It is soooooo soft. And the colors are gorgeous and bright! I know exactly what to make with them too. The Hurry-Up-Spring Armwarmers from SnB Nation. I've been wanting to make them, and think this yarn is perfect for them! I could be wrong, there could be another perfect project for them. Any suggestions? SWTC Karoake 1 SWTC Karoake 2 SWTC Karoake 3 I've seen the Karaoke at Charlotte Yarn, but for some reason, never bought it. If I had just picked it up and felt it, it would have been a done deal. Thank you, SP! I can't wait to work with it! As I was putting all my presents back in the box for temporary storage, I came across one more little surprise. Turtle! I nearly missed it, being wrapped in tissue paper. One can never have too many turtles. That's just my opinion though. Heh. This post literally took me all morning to compose. There was so much stuff to show off! Thank you, SP! You are the best!