Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Projects - Yay!

So I got the itch the other night to get a new "big" project on the needles. Something bigger than a sock anyway. Because socks don't count as projects when you always have one going. Right? So, believe it or not, I actually found a few things I wanted to knit out of the latest Knit 'n Style magazine. Which, typically, puts out patterns worthy of being on You Knit What? As evidenced by this horrid "Ruffled Jacket" by Skacel that they have in this same issue. So, overall, this issue is a winner because not only have I found some pretty good designs, I found some great entertainment for my knitting group as well. So anyway, I dug through the stash, trying to find the appropriate yarn for the "Lime Shimmer Tank" and lemme tell ya, I searched and searched the web trying to find out about the yarn used in the pattern. It's a Coats & Clark yarn, Aunt Lydia's Shimmer - but that's all I can find! That, and it's sportweight. So great. What the hell does that tell me about it's recommended gauge and what not. Sheesh. So, I ended up subbing a yarn I knew just about as much about. Yarn from the Spindle Sale. (See the flickr photoset here or read the blog entry here.)DK weight stuff See that green stuff in the lower left hand corner? That's what got me gauge, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. It's a nice soft rayon blend. It's knit in the round, from the bottom up. So the lace is up first. A challenge for me, but I'll take my time so as not to completely fuck it up. Up next, which I started last night at my knitting group, the Lacy Camisole & Shrug. This, I'm actually using the specified yarn as well as the color! I scored 7 balls of the Plymouth Royal Bamboo in Color #40 (Shrimp) yesterday for 40% off. I need at least 5 more balls to get both pieces done, but I figure I'll order the rest off the web for the camisole (that intricate lace can wait) and do the camisole now. So far, it's knitting up nicely, if a little splitty. But it's so freakin' soft! So, I spent last night working on the Lacey Camisole, and got through 2 pattern repeats. The lace pattern is 17 stitches across, and I think that's a damn good thing. Hopefully, all will go well. And tomorrow is yarn pr0n friday on ye olde bloggy thing, so stay tuned for some shrimp bamboo pr0n.


Bezzie said...

Shrimp bamboo pRon! Snicker!

I like that lime shimmer--very pretty! Except I really don't like that model they stuck it on. She's like a human hanger!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

aija said...

I still gasp when I think of that spindle sale :)

...mmm, shrimps.

LadyLungDoc said...

Oh my lord - when I saw "new projects" and that writhing snakes cardigan in the same frame, I thought that you had lost your mind. Or at least your sense of taste.

Rain said...

Good grief, you frightened the life out of me with that yellow monstrosity. I thought you were going to make it.

The green rayon looks gorgeous so I'm sure it will be lovely knitted up. The cami and shrug are really cute too. Thank goodness you chose nice projects.