Monday, August 01, 2005

OK, That's the important stuff

OK, so I think I got the most important posts I wanted to over. If you really care to catch up on the rest, you can find them here: Knock yourself out. As for today, huh, it was a rainy weekend. I spent too much money on DVDs, but it was a good movie weekend. I picked up Million Dollar Baby and watched it with DeLayna. I knew what was gonna happen, but I cried anyway. Figures. And I picked up another movie, Mr. Holland's Opus that makes me cry everytime too. Geez, and I wasn't even depressed this weekend. Why do that to myself? I got Crazy/Beautiful and watched that. I hadn't seen it before but heard good things. But to tell you the truth, now having watched it, I wouldn't have bought it even though it was only $7.50. It was very 'meh'. But I got Shakespeare in Love as well, a movie I've always enjoyed. So, I'm all set. So, I get to work this morning and get an e-mail from Mom. She's changed her travel plans yet again. Sheesh. Now, she's coming from Sunday to Thursday instead of staying the whole week. Something about wanting me and Cheri and Conner to have time alone without the 'old fuddy duddies' geez. Is this another guilt trip? I don't need that. I wish she'd stick to a plan. My birthday is on Wednesday (the 10th) and I'd rather they didn't leave first thing in the morning the next day. Oh well. We'll just wait and see how it goes.

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