Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Horror: Crappy Candy

So, this is the first year of my living in apartments that I can expect to probably get some trick or treaters. Now, I've never been big on decorating, so no pumpkins on the front porch or cheesy paper decorations or fake cobwebs, but I did get some stuff to hand out. Since I work in a snack food factory, I thought "Hell, I can get out of this cheap." So I got a couple of 12 packs of some crackers and a box of suckers. Well, I opened the box of suckers and I don't know what I was expecting, but I saw the craptacular cheap sucker that the doctor would give a cranky child at the end of a visit. So now I feel the need to boost the quality of the candy swag I'll be giving out. But, I have an eye appt at the end of the day and I don't know what time that will get me home tonight, so I might miss out on the bulk of the candy-grubbing kids walking about. Why I feel obligated to do this for the kids that drive me insane 99% of the time, I'll never know. These are the kids that mill about the parking lots, no parental supervision, standing right in the middle of road and looking at you like you're a friggin' idiot for expecting them to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!. *Sigh* What to do. Or not do.

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