Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fun, fun, fun

So, some of you that know me may know that I love playing the online game 'Kingdom of Loathing . It's become somewhat of an obsession. Especially since the creator implemented 'ascension' (in other words, he finally finished the game. Although changes and additions are constantly being made, finally something happens when you 'get to the end' and you can sort of start over. Well, my main account has ascended 11 times now. Something I'm very proud of. My runs are getting quicker and more efficient and I'm acquiring useful skills left and right. Right now I'm working on a trophy whereby if you acquire all the skills from this one area (5) you get to show it off with a trophy in your 'display case'. This is a bunch of gobbledeegook to those of you that don't play, but hey, it makes me happy. Check out the game, it's humorous.

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