Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Let's play word association. Before last week, if you'd have said "Katrina" I would have thought of my friend in grade school who was missing her pinky finger. She said she lost it shucking corn. Well, as a 6 year old you believe those kind of stories. Now, you say "Katrina" and I think of a storm that single handedly shut down one of our nations most well-known cities. Sure it was a shit hole and probably the slate being wiped clean will end up being better for the city. But when you see all those poor souls being evacuated to a destination unknown, having to leave behind their pets, you think - why? I've said, naively I'm sure, that if it were me, I would walk with my cats until I found a save haven or a good samaritan to take me and my cats away to a safe place. I still feel that way. But I can't believe more isn't being done to make sure these people can leave their pet with a shelter of some sort, tagged and identified, so that when they can, they can be reunited with their pet. It makes me so sad to think of having to part with Morris or Ripple under even the most extreme circumstances. What would you do?

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