Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dishcloth #12

Simple Summer Dishcloth Yeah, I'm addicted. They're such fun, small projects though! And I love giving them as gifts! Yeah, the only ones I've gifted have been to my mom, but still. I have a plan to have one in my purse ready to give away when needed. Another Knit-a-long starts tomorrow, and I'm ready! So, last night, I thought I'd make all sorts of progress on the Pinwheel baby blanket, but it's kinda hard to knit when you're drunk. heh. I had a day from hell at work, and even had work to bring home. So, while I filled out 121 meal vouchers, I sipped a glass of wine. Then when I was done, I kept sipping. I forgot the "eating" part of the evening until about 9pm. But I still managed to get 4 repeats done. I'm not sure how big I'm going to make it, but we'll see. I really hate the idea of transferring the live stitches to waste yarn just to see how big it is. Seems like a lot more trouble than I need to go through. I figure if I can measure from the center to an edge, that'll give me just as good an idea anyway. Right? *sigh* I see waste yarn in my future.


Jo said...

Hope that blanket turns out okay - I know I am not so good with wine and knitting ;)

Fedex says your package is on the truck for delivery!


Rain said...

Eating's cheating!

Although I don't recommend KUI.

Areli said...

You sure are whipping the dishcloths out! Every time I pop by you have another one finished.

String Bean said...

I dub you Dishcloth Drunkard. See? If you hadn't been drinking I might've called you Dishcloth Diva instead.

You knit more dishcloths than my mom. Congratulations ...I think.

Zonda said...

Hehe!! KUI, I commend you for being able to do it! LOL! Yo Dishcloth Drunkard...I like that! hehe! (giggly aren't I tonite;)