Monday, July 17, 2006

Hey, Poops!

You made me try some stranded colorwork. Poop's Coffee Cozee I saw the pattern for Coffee Cozees on your blog, and I thought it'd be the perfect excuse to go ahead and try it out. Turns out, I'm not so bad! First, I tried holding the CC in myleft in a continental type way - but the death grip I had on it just wasn't working out. But once I put them both in my right hand, I got a technique down and I was much more evenly tensioned from there. So, thank you, poops. Now, those of you that dared me to enter the catcave, you'll be disappointed. The  CatCave Just cat fur and wood. The stray bit of styrofoam. Thank God.


Sourire11 said...

the cat cave cracks me up!

Zonda said...

Nice cozy!

But the cat far away LOL!!! hehe!

Rain said...

Love the cup cozy.

You were very brave entering the cat cave, but I see they hid the flashing red phone and novelty outfits in anticipation of your visit. Who knows what they get up to in there?

Sarah said...

Cat Cave!

I think that is totally what under my parents bed is officially designated!

*batman music plays in head*

allisonmariecat said...

Ha! Our guys have their own little caves and things. Sometimes we can't find them at all.

I love the cozee! These are on my list for Christmas gifts. I love the stranded pattern you did--it looks very even, not at all like it was your first effort.