Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stuff I've been meaning to blog

Stephy's Gift MarkersYeah, some call it "Random Wednesday" but I'm a day late for that, eh? There's some stuff I've been meaning to blog but other stuff comes up and takes priority, so le's play catch-up today, mkay? To the right you see some gorgeous Stitch Markers made for me by the wonderful Stephy. Koigu Dream SwatchOn my way back from D.C., I stopped to have a quick dinner with Stephy, presumably to pick up the leftovers of her Koigu socks she had made. She was giving me the leftovers because she knew I'd been dying to get my hands on some Koigu to play with it, and had been planning to make a Dream Swatch with it. It turned out so pretty. I thank Stephy for giving me the opportunity to play with the Koigu and get a feel for it before I dug into the few skeinsCoffee Cozee Take II I took home with me from D.C. (Thank you, Trillian!) So there's that bit of knitting I've hidden away on flickr for a little while. Next up, I finished another Coffee Cozee. The first one was a bit smaller that it needed to be for the styrofoam cups here at work, so I whipped this up on Tuesday night (yes, while in a funk and drinking jager) and it fits perfectly! So, with that confidence, and my gauge noted, I went ahead and cast on for a cozee for my Nalegene Water Bottle. This things sweats all over my desk while I'm at work, and frankly I'm sick of it. So, I'm taking things into my own hands. And I'm taking a step forward with the dabbling into Fair Aisle. Check this out: The pretty: For you sickos that want to see the guts: Real Fair Isle! The Floats! Ok, and now onto the really random. Soap-Licker, Licker of Soap Ripple is a soap-licker. A licker of soap. Incidentally, that stuff is some cashmere facial soap from the wonderful rosi g. Oh this stuff is wonderful to my skin. And apparently, it tastes good too. But it doesn't matter if that's cashmere soap, lava soap or ivory soap. Ripple will lick it. And he always does it when I brush my teeth. He does it other times too, but whenever I'm brushing my teeth, he's right next to me, licking soap. It's been a rough week for me. And it's slowly getting better. I was able to joke a bit about the fucknut and H.R. Fuckinstuff at my knitting group last night, but it still all hurts. In the meantime, I'll just be like my Hibiscus, and keep my chin up, skyward. Hibiscus Skyward 2


Anonymous said...

Give me a call...I have a new cell phone and lost your number..jeanmarie

LadyLungDoc said...

Soap licker, eh? Somerset loves to lick any kind of skin lotion once it has been applied; surprising that her tongue is not more radiant, smooth and youthful. She also licks and rubs her face against zippers. I'll hear her sitting there, purring away, and will look over to see her gleefully rubbing against an open duffle bag.
They are so weird.
Nice cozies.

Zonda said...

Ohh! Nice guts of the fair isle!

Great job on the cozy!! :)

Rain said...

The stitch markers are absolutely beautiful.

The Koigu looks gorgeous worked up.

The cozy looks fab and a great idea to do one for your water bottle too.

lol, that's a very random cat photo.

Bezzie said...

Bah, screw the fucknut squad. Karma's a bitch. Just sit back and wait.

Wow, I have fair isle gut envy. My guts never look that pretty. Thus I stay away from the FI.

Your cat is a nut!!! Soap licking? Maybe he likes to get it on his tongue so that when he gives himself a bath he has soft managable fur. Do you think he's a metrosexual feline?!

I'm off to work up the schematics for Cat Tongue Soap! We'll negotiate how much Ripple gets in royalties once I sign on a few purchasers. ;-)

Ali said...

Bezzie's on to something there w/Cat Tongue Soap.

Cats are the strangest creatures and I love them all the more for it. I've never seen a cat licking soap.

The hibiscus pic is stunning. You do grow beautiful flowers lady.

Keep on keeping on. Your's will come.

Kate said...

great fair-isle, love the pattern/ and the colours. Good thinking on fucknut- keep sticking those voddoo jokes in him- he will get whats coming to him. Now speaking of soap, I have this great bar which has packaging you will get a laugh out of. Can u email me your address so i can send it to u?


Tvini said...

You are fantastic. The work guy, pardon my French, is a shitbag. Karmically, you're way ahead.

As for the cat, I'll bet it's the fat content. My father's cat licks plastic bags constantly, and he theorizes it has something to do with oil.

Personally, I think it's just that all cats are freaks.

Anonymous said...

The cozy is beautiful.
I can't believe your cat licks the soap! Does it make him sick?
I love the stitch markers, you can never have enough of those.

mamma said...

That just may be the greatest cat picture ever. I especially love the turtle soap dish.

Man, you have had a rough week. It's friday. That means it's over and you will never have to live through this week again.

I'm so envious of your fair isle. I can never get my guts or outside to look that amazing. So envious. I've got skills with the knit and the purl and the fancy decreases, but throw in some stiping and I'm screwed. You're amazing.


Love the pics! Great knitting style - but the cat? Maybe it is not the soap but the turtle that he craves? I mean - he does belong to turtlegirl after all! The week is almost over - make great plans for the weekend sue

Tvini said...

Also, those stitch markers are keen! I think I may have to start hanging out at the knitty boards. I'm a member (as Emisanboo) and I wonder if there's a way to change that to Tvini. Hmmm...