Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sock Yarn and Soap

(Warning, picture heavy post.)I've been overwhelmed this week by the response that the pattern row counter has had. First, I mention it on flickr after I put together the photo tutorial, then a flickr user e-mails the link to the editors of Craftzine and THEN, they blog about it almost immediately! Well, you coulda knocked me over with feather when I saw that! I happened to check my Sitemeter and saw all these referrals from the craftzine blog, clicked over and TADA!!! There it was. Holy crap. And I had so much to blog about too. But I thought maybe I should do that video thing and the FAQ first. I still have the Merike Saarnit Microwave Rainbow Dying Workshop to tell you about. IMG_0220 Merike Saarnit Workshop Swatch 4And the next days' workshop on knitting with our handpainted yarn. One of those days involves a story about a girl with a wicked hangover, a church lawn, and how she's pretty much finalized her future trip to hell. I'll leave you to wonder just who that girl was and how she did that. Let's just say it has something to do with this: HPIM2875 But before all that even I was supposed to blog about something completely different. You see, a short while ago, Pyewacket made a short row toe her bitch and decided to banish it from her house in exchange for something a little more "her". Well, I piped up immediatly and we arranged a swap. Well, check out what this wonderful woman sent me: October 13 2006 019 Not just some sock yarn (in a really handy plastic pouch) but handmade (by her very own hands!) Soap! Wonderful smelly, funky colored, swirly sorta trippy SOAP! LOOK! October 13 2006 020 She sells it too, but I don't have her hilarious little pamphlet with me to tell you if there's a website to find it at. I'll amend this post as soon as I find out. She's made me swear to use it and not display it because it's "too pretty to use." Now I'm wondering if I should tell her I immediately slipped it in my dresser drawer with all my handknits and my underwear drawer to make 'em smell purty? (Oops, I guess I just did. But I swear I'll use 'em as soon as I run out of the liquid stuff in my bathroom!) Then yesterday, I got Jenn-you-whine R.A.K (no, that's not some mean subliminal message to any "Jenn" out there that may be reading but if it were it'd be a lot bitchier. Like "Jenn-you-bitch" or "Jenn-you-slut" but neither are phonetic for "real." But I digress.) ANYWAY...this R.A.K came from the wonderful fiberfool! (Sadly, blogless.) Check out this Halloween themed package! Halloween RAK!  From Fiberfool What's with the hole? It lights up...but what else? The turtle I think is from Finding Nemo. And it does something. But beyond light up, it's got this kickin' in it's mouth. See that? A hole. And when you squeeze the flipper you can feel a little puff of air come out. (And it lights up as well.) But it doesn't strike me as a tub toy. But it must be. It must squirt water out of it's mouth. betcha next time I take a bath I'll be acting like a 3 year old splashing around and playing with my turtle making it squirt the cat. Heh. Not only was there this toy, but there were peanut butter filled hershey's kisses! A Halloween pin! And lo, some Regia Cotton Tip & Top sock yarn. Regia Cotton Tip & Top Don't worry. Tomorrow you still get yarn pr0n. My handpainted yarn from the workshop! And hey, I may even tell you about that hungover chick. Tsk. How irresponsible of her.


Bezzie said...

Excellent lead up for tomorrow's yarn porn (it's still going to be the fruits of your dyeing weekend right?)

What cool soap! (I think it's OK you're saving it until the liquid stuff runs out...don't want it to be inadvertantly licked)

And cool sock yarn--it looks very Halloweenie!

Jenger said...

How fun, new sock yarn. I had been looking for cotton sock yarn for my hubbies socks. He is not the keenest with the idea of wool socks.

Karen said...

The soap definitely looks trippy. :) I would have to hold on to it because it definitely is too pretty to use.

mf said...

kwel RAK! nice yarn and froggy! The soap looks GREAT!

Zonda said...

Yay for yarny goodies!! Love the soap! Hope we get to see your hand dyed yarn!! ;)

Pyewacket said...

Drawer-scenting is an acceptable alternate use until such time as you need it. ;-) Hmm, I should have polished up that apple cider bar a bit for its close-up.

The mailman is still holding my yarn (and I'm guessing row-counter) hostage! I'm so looking forward to that -- it will be great for the Almost Argyles I'm making.

Love the halloween sock yarn. What fun!

Rain said...

It looks like the workshop was a lot of fun.

Well done on the serious linkage, those markers are fantastic with a great tutorial.

The soap ;ook simply divine.