Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day 2 - Nashville to Oklahoma City

So we get on the road by 8am, and we're on our way to Memphis. All I wanted to do on this road trip was check out Graceland. Not because I'm an Elvis fan, but just because it's a part of cheesy road-trip Americana. So, in other words, why not? My grand plan is to buy the magnets of each state we go through, two of each, one for me and one for my mom. We both collect them. So we need to stop somewhere before we leave Tennessee. I saw a sign off the interstate for Loretta Lynn's Kitchen and of course, being the Coal Miner's Daughter Devotee that I am, we had to stop. Now, I'm not sure what Buffalos have to do with Loretta Lynn or Nashville, but, um, there it is. That's a pic of sis in front of it. They had all sorts of crap in the gift shop. It was amazing. A $10 mousepad with Loretta Lynn's face on it and $7 Reba McEntire placemats. And according to my sis (who stopped at every bathroom available along the way) the bathroom there was abominable. She was sure that if Loretta Lynn knew that the bathroom was in the state it was, she wouldn't want her name associated with it. I can only imagine... So, several hours later, we finally get to Memphis. And we're realizing that Oklahoma City is a long ways away. But we stop at Graceland anyway (There are several pics of it, click on...). We must have made a record stop there. I think we were there for all of 15 minutes. The bathrooms were nice. The King would be proud. We parked ($5, right next to the Heartbreak Hotel - gag) went to the bathroom, ran across the street and I took some pics of the gate, the wall out front and the house from the sidewalk. I was truly amazed at the zoom on my camera. Then we ran back to the car and left. We finally arrived in El Reno, Oklahoma late that night. We were on the road a good long while. I think we finally checked into the hotel around 9pm. We stayed at a Best Western, and it was the cheapest of the whole trip, but the nicest as well. It was right next to a Denny's (which wasn't the best food we had on the way) where I was able to talk our server into giving us a lime to go with the Corona we bought at the poor excuse for a convenience store next door. Some dumbass couldn't get his car alarm to turn off, so they were driving around in circles for a good long while before they finally got it to kick off. That was annoying for a while, then it finally stopped and we were able to relax. We were both exhausted from the long day on the road, and both fell asleep none too soon.

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