Monday, June 20, 2005

Hump Days and Dress Codes

So, yesterday there's chatter around the office about a new dress code that was going to be implemented on July 5th. Now, I dress nicely for the office, and I truly hate being told what to wear or when to wear it. Check this out: Acceptable Attire: Women:• Slacks (chinos, khakis, dress slacks) • Dresses • Skirts • Blouses or sweaters • Polo/golf shirts are acceptable Memorial Day through Labor Day (permitted year round for personnel in manufacturing/ engineering/logistics) Men:• Trousers (chinos, khakis, dress slacks) • Socks • Dress shirts • Dress sweaters • Polo/golf shirts are acceptable Memorial Day through Labor Day (permitted year round for personnel in manufacturing/engineering/logistics) Unacceptable Attire: • Denim (shirts or pants) • Shirts without collars or shirts displaying advertisements, messages or writing (except for Lance messages) • Sweatshirts, flannel shirts • Tank tops • Any clothing that reveals bare backs, midriffs or shoulders (including sundresses) • Cropped pants (capris) • Shoes: sandals (open toes with no heels), thongs, sneakers, Dr. Scholls, flip-flops (plastic, rubber or leather) • Spandex leggings • Shorts of any kind (except with company approval) • Overalls • Sweat pants, jogging suits • Any clothing with spaghetti straps • Any revealing or provocative clothing • Lip, nose, or any earring(s) on a visible part of the body – excluding ears • Tee shirts And to top it all off, they took away casual friday! I love my jeans! No!The thing is, my department is in the plant, not the main office, and no one down here was sent this dress code so it's really up in the air as to whether or not we are included in it. The part I hate the most is the crop pants. Now, it's not like the ones I wear are the kind that end right below the knee. Mine go mid-calf. And I wear thongs (the shoes people, the shoes) but they have a heel and they're nice looking. They aren't the payless brand ya know? I have style. Man, I hate dress codes. So, yet another friend gave birth. I had one friend have a baby on Friday night, and then another yesterday. That's 5 out of 5, no more due that I know of. Well, there's one girl here at work that I know, but I rarely get the opportunity to speak to, so I don't think I need to count her, even though there will be a baby shower for her here in the breakroom. *sigh* Whatever is in the water here in Mecklenburgh county, I don't want a drop of it.

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