Friday, June 10, 2005

Day 3: Oklahoma City to Albuquerque

A bit of a later start to our day than we planned, but not much. We had a shorter day planned anyway. A family friend lived in Albuquerque so we would be stopping there for the night. The drive there from El Reno was beautiful. Texas was amazing. Click through the 10 pictures I took at the most amazing rest stop ever HERE . The most impressive thing was crossing the state border into New Mexico. Man, you know exactly where you are when you cross that border. Beautiful skyline and plant life. I wish I had remembered my freaking camera when we went out on the town in Albuquerque, the buildings were amazing. Truely "Pueblo" style. But let me describe dinner. We walk in, and the front dining room is completely empty. They lead us to this back room, through a hallway of the kitchen, that is lined with red leather booths and all dark wood. In the middle of this room are two old men. One looked like Don Ho's older brother, sitting at the piano, the other had bright white hair and was hunched over a guitar. I leaned over to my sister and said, jokingly, "Think we can get him to play 'Tiny Bubbles'?" heh. This man is so funny, because you can truly see how much he loves to play this music. But he can't sing too loud because he's supposed to be background mood music, ya know? So he's sort of singing from the back of his throat, eyes closed, totally into it. Just hilarious. How I got through the whole meal without laughing my ass off, I'll never know. But the icing on the cake was at the end of the meal, the music gets louder, and all of a sudden everyone is singing along. What, pray tell, are they singing? Tiny Bubbles! I couldn't hold it in anymore and sis and I looked at each other and just started laughing. It was hilarious. So we checked out 'Old Town' and saw some super old buldings, and lots of cool sites. Too bad I forgot my stupid camera at the hotel. Sheesh. We stayed at a Sleep Inn there, it was nice, but tiny as hell. The cats hated it. Need I say more?

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