Saturday, April 15, 2006

They Do Exist!

Solid white chocolate Easter bunnies DO still exist! How do I know this? 'Cus the best SP Jochibi sent me one. She is the best! Lookit all this! Malabrigo Yarn! (In Saphire Green) KP Dancing Yarn (quiet Zonda, I know I have a drawer full, I can always use more), a Katcha-Katcha (I've been eyeing one), Size G Crochet hook (for the inner prostiturtle) yummy candles, a kitty bookmark (I think I can insert my own pic of Ripple and Morris in there) and seeds! But the Chocolate, oh the chocolate. I was talking to my photographer friend just last night about how you just can't find solid white chocolate Easter bunnies anymore. Boy was I wrong! And glad of it! Yay! Thank you so much, Jo!


Jo said...

Hi Cristi,

I'm surprised it got there so soon! I wasn't expecting to see anything until Monday or Tuesday :) Do you have any idea how hard it was to find yarn that was sort of lime-coloured but definitely not army green?!!?! I hope you like it... it's sooo soft. Willow picked out the candles for you so I hope you like the smells. We got the seeds at the Philadelphia Flower Show - and I remembered you said you have a green thumb and can make anything grow - so there you are :)

I had so much fun being your SP, Cristi!

take care,

Rain said...

What a fabulous package. The green yarn looks gorgeous. Enjoy your bunny.

Zonda said...

Hahaha! One can never have enough sock yarn girly!! :) I am learning that slowly...even have the same yarn LOL!

Awesome package! I salute your green thumb! Wish I had one! :)

Bezzie said...

Albino easter bunnies!!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

You really have to check out Sweenors Chocolates from Rhode Island. They have all sorts of white chocolate bunnies in statue and lollypop form. And if you like raspberries and dark chocolate too, get the white chocolate raspberry truffles -- the ganache filling is the dark chocolate. Vision the glass(es) of red wine, lots of truffles... YUM!

Pyewacket said...

That's quite a haul! The Malabrigo is gorgeous.