Friday, April 28, 2006

Yarn Pr0n Friday and other stuff

Oh, I have not foresaken thee dear readers. I've been so fragging busy at work this week I haven't had time to do my regular job duties never mind blog. But I have been thinking of you all, and gathering photos. I'm going to try and start posting larger pics - I think most of you view at a higher pixelage than I used to - as now that my computer at work has been rebuilt I can see I could fit much better sized photos in the center panel here. (I'm viewing in 1024x768) So please, tell me if it frags up the whole page for you or if it's better. I only blog because you read. So, feedback - please! First up - some loverly sock yarn I ordered from Carole at Go Knit in Your Hat - she's got an etsy shop called Black Bunny Fibers with wonderous yarnrs in it, roving too for you spinners! Go check her out. Black Bunny Fibers Sock Yarn And the specs: Black Bunny Fibers Sock Yarn Beautimous huh? And then some Arucania Nature Wool I scored at A.C. Moore on Sunday with Stephy. Araucania Nature Wool And some Magic Stripes in Regatta Blue I found as well: Regatta Blue Stripe I tell ya, sock yarn shouldn't be as hard to find in these chain stores as it is. I feel bad for the folks that live in small towns where their only source of yarn is Joanne, Michaels, and places like A.C. Moore and Ben Franklin Crafts. Yesterday I received the yarn I ordered from cmtigger's etsy shop Cavy Shops. It's a cool rainbow colored sock yarn. Smells a wee bit funny, probably from the hand painting - I think it's the vinegar I smell. Cavy Shops Sock Yarn Cavy Shops Sock Yarn And that's it for yarn pr0n Friday. I may just try to make this a regular thing. I love taking pics of my yarn, and y'all seem to like it. So why not? Oh, I also found some awesome bamboo handles for the Chinese Charm bag I want to make in a larger version than the pattern specifies (that's from Stitch 'n Bitch y'all) Bamboo Handles They were like $8 each, but I've been searching for these for ever, the $3 version they have at Hobby Lobby is never in stock, so what's a girl to do? Now, I've turned the heel on my second Sixth Sense Sock (from the yahoo 6 Sox KAL) - withOUT holes this time. I had to rip out my first run at it. The first sock will just have to suck it up and deal with it's holes. Who knew the wraps were different on garter stitch short rows than stockinette? Huh. Ya learn something new every day. But I was restless. I wanted to start some new socks. I wanted to take another shot at 2 on 2 - but I didn't want to get discouraged again. So I cheated. I started one sock, did it's K1P1 ribbing - transferred it to some DPNs - started the other sock and finished it's ribbing, then returned the first to the needles. So now I have this: 2 on 2 It's not twisted, I can see what I'm doing, and don't think I'll have the problems I had the first time I tried. Call me a cheater if you want, but this is the way it's going to have to be. Hmmph. Thank you for your patience, and please, remember - feedback!


Trillian42 said...

Pretty pictures! I like the giant ones, personally. =)

I love the yarns you got - some gorgeous stuff!

Carolyn said...

Great photos. That yarn is going to make some awesome socks!

Rain said...

You always buy such gorgeous yarn - you've set me off drooling.

Pyewacket said...

I've still got the urge to try 2-on-2 too, so I'll have to remember your cheat method if I run into trouble.

Bezzie said...

Niiiiiiiice. I really dig that hand painted stuff.

Dulcedosa said...

Etsy has the best YARN!!!!!!

I sent crazy ordering sock yarn on Etsy. Look at my sock yarn porn.

Zonda said...

I personally love the bigger pictures (any size is good w/yarn pr0n ;)

I too ordered from cmtigger, very nice! etsy is great!

Good looking 2 socks/2circs! go you!

Erin said...

I'm diggin' yer yarn, yo. Can I come rub on it?

Good luck with the socks! I still have enough trouble on DPn's, I'm not brave enough to try them on circs - let alone 2 at a time!

String Bean said...

Oooh, Araucania! I got some of their Patagonia Nature Cotton.

Is the vinegar smell sort of like the smell you get when you dye eggs?

You have handles to make the Charm Bag, I have the Gemstones. It was meant to be.

I won't call you a cheater because I've never even tried socks on two circs. This is primarily because I need to buy another pair of US #1 circs. Very bright colors. 'Circus socks' as my sister would say.