Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm a Yarn Ho, and Proud of it!

I know, y'all have seen the purchases I've made over the past month or so, and it's troubling. I've bought a lot of yarn. A lot. Granted, much of it has come from the store closing, and now this spindle sale, but still. I'm scared to update the spreadsheet I did back on flash stash. But I have also destashed a bit of the less desireable stuff. I met a neighbour this weekend that knits hats for poor children (her words) so I donated some onesy balls of Wool-ease to her. Then there was the bag of yarn I gave to the new knitter in my knitting group (funny, I haven't seen her since). So I am taking steps. And I'm using it! And more importantly, I'm photographing it. Behold: Mmm...cone of yarn A cone of unlabeled yarn. I suspect it to have a significant portion of cotton in it. I love the view of the yarn cone in this pic. Giant Spool This stuff is a rayon blend. It's so fun looking! Dunno what I'm going to do with it, but I have like, 4 pounds of the stuff. This is called "Lemon Cake" isn't it pretty? More later in the week. In the meantime, I worked on the Adamas Shawl yesterday. Wanna see the progress I made? Adamas Shawl Progress Yeah. I had to rip it out. I sat ever so patiently, reading the chart, knitting along, and got to the last pattern rown of the first repeat of the body chart, and I was missing a stitch. Try as I might, I couldn't find it. Then I saw it. Below the lifeline. A dropped stitch. I nearly cried. I can't bear to start it over yet. I wanted it so badly in time for my 30th Birthday in August. A present for myself to wear to my sister's wedding. And I failed. I can't do it over yet. I will. Maybe in time for my 31st. But I will not give up on lace yet. I'm going to try either Branching out, or Cozy. I need to aquaint myself with reading a chart and not losing my place between the repeats. So, my friends, what do you think? Cozy or Branching Out? Cozy, I can try to finish for my birthday as well. And I'm told it is a good beginner pattern. Branching Out is a pattern I hear recommended over and over again as a good first lace pattern. So, help me decide.
Which Lace Project Should I Do?
Branching Out

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Sourire11 said...

I’m sorry to hear about the adamas… that’s sad! I knit branching out for my first lace project and it was great. It’s only 25 stitches across so if you screw up (as I did many, many times) it’s not a huge deal to rip back a row (or 10). Also because it’s just a scarf if you get bored with it you can declare it done whenever and move on to something bigger and more complicated!

Bezzie said...

Lemon cake. Now I have a craving for actual lemon cake. I'd love to see some of your recent scores knit up--I'm interested to see the textures of these yarns translated out to knit stitches!

I vote Branching Out as well. It's fast and easy. I did mine using Lupe and Shawnee (double stranded) and it turned out ok. Even the parts I effed up and didn't realize I did didn't look too bad.

Donna said...

Cozy and Branching Out are both easy patterns. If you are looking for a stole, go with Cozy.

KnitAbout said...

great pics. if it's gonna be porn we should have closeups! most people do not understand this.

I voted branching out. no idea why.


Rain said...

At this rate you'll ba able to open your own store! Still if it makes you happy what could be better.

I like Branching out too.

Ali said...

I chose Branching Out because that was my 1st lace project. At first a tad hard, but once I used the lifeline and got the hang of it, it went very fast. I have heard Cozy takes a long time. So for instant gratification do BO then do Cozy.

Sarah said...


But I haven't done BO, and have made Cozy. It takes a while, but it is a wonderful FO. I used Andean Silk from KnitPicks, and it is a great yarn for the project.

That was a heck of a yarn sale!