Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Onward and Upward

So, after completing the speedy toe-up socks, I finally got around to casting on for Green Gable. Yes, I swatched. Yes, I washed the swatch. Yes, I got gauge. So I finished one repeat of the lace pattern and went to bed. *yawn* But I did all that after I finally gave up on the two-on-two socks. I took one off the circs and it's waiting on some DPNs for now. Two-on-two is too freakin' slow for me. Bleh. I'da been done these socks already if I'd have done them one at a time from the start. In other news, I started another pair of toe-ups. This type of sock will become a permanent fixture in my purse. It's nice and portable, and no pattern is needed. I'm using this stuff. Fortissima 1776 And all the pics I've seen of it online, tell me those "stars" I hear are supposed to be part of the patterning, are really more of a wonky looking off kilter zig-zag thing. Meh. I got half the toe done during my lunch break today. I think I'll have to rip it back and cast on fewer stitches. I calculated for 7.5 stitches to the inch, and I'm getting 8. Wait a sec. That should be working out smaller than it's supposed to be. Huh. Maybe I'll proceed a bit further and see how it feels after I've finished the short row toe. It may be fine for all I know. But right now, it looks big. Weird.


AmyArtisan said...

While browsing today I saw someone else working on that yarn as socks - from reading your blog I knew what it was before I even scrolled down. :)

Zonda said... you right now!! :)

Well I do bow down to your gaugeness!!!! (grumble, grumble)

Can't wait to see the socks w/that yarn... :)

Rain said...

Well I hope your stars are as star-like as possible.