Thursday, November 17, 2005

Finally! Pics of Finished Objects!

I finally got a friend to help me out and take a pic of me wearing my very first "fitted" project. This will be for my sister this Christmas. I'm so very proud of it. It's really only the 3rd thing I've made (if you count the fun fur scarf and large, oddly shaped shawl I made) and it turned out great. I used a variegated acrylic yarn (I was afraid to invest in more expensive yarn for a project this big. If I had it to do over again, I'd use a blend. But I knew nothing about gauge and whatnot when I started it.) Image Hosted by Image Hosted by The finished entralac scarf. My 4th project of all time. You can imagine how very proud of it I am. Image Hosted by And finally, my current project. The Irish Hiking Scarf. Cabling is so much easier than it looks. Image Hosted by


Rain said...

The scarves look great! I especially like the cabled one.

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful scarves! I've never tried Entrelac knitting.