Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Potter - stupid scarf

I went and saw Goblet of Fire last night, and was able to count the repeat rows of the CC color. The pattern I have is wrong. It calls for 3 rows, I clearly counted 4. Over and over and over again. Now, since I'm still only on row 12, I'm thinking of changing the pattern. By my count (with the super sophisticated ruler technique) when printing out a full page pic with the scarf in it, I think the pattern may be more like this: Either 52 or 60 rows Main Color (a bigger printout of the pic gave me a different ratio) 4 rows CC Color 10 or 12 rows MC 4 rows CC Rinse, wash, repeat. Fabulous. I just made this project even longer. I still counted 14 sets of bars.

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