Monday, November 14, 2005

Productive Weekend

Well, this weekend I managed to finish the entralac scarf off and add a knotted fringe. (Pics coming) I also made a keyhole scarf for my mother and taught myself how to cable! It was a lot easier than I thought, and actually makes the cheap acrylic, I'm using to learn on, bearable. I think I may actually keep going on the practice piece. I have a pound of the cheap stuff so why the heck not? I may make it a sampler scarf. Everytime I teach myself a new pattern, I'll do a few rows of seed stitch or something, then start in on the new pattern. By the time it's long enough for a scarf it should look pretty cool. heh. Onto the Irish Hiking Scarf for my friend Jimmy next. I'll save the other keyhole scarves I want to make for Cousin Vickie and her 2 little girls (some "Mommy and Me" scarves if you will) for Sundays while I'm watching football. And speaking of the keyhole scarf, I have a bone to pick with the idiot at Lion Brand Yarn that decided fun fur keyhole scarves should be knit in a seed stitch. Why? Why oh why? It's called "A big fat pain in the ass" is what it is. Though I don't doubt it serves it's purpose by making it lay nice and flat, I honestly think it'd be fine in a garter stitch or something. Oh well, I'll just spend the 4 hours it takes to do it by the directions and deal with it. *sigh*

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