Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blogstalking the Questionables

As in, "why the hell do I have this still?" Or even, "Where the hell did this come from in the first place?" Well, I know where my crap came from, but why I still have it, who knows? KY PlateFirst up, my license plate from when I lived in Kentucky for a year. It's a pretty plate, but beyond that, why do I still have it? My understanding was the plate stayed with the car, so when the car came with me to Charloote, the plate did too. Dunno if you're sposta (yes I know that's not a word but it makes me laugh) send it back but, um, I've had it for 7 years now. I think I'm safe. TrophiesNext up, my bowling trophies. Yes folks, turtle was a bowler. From 6th grade through graduation from high school, I bowled in the Young American Bowler's Association (or, YABA). I wasn't too bad either. My mother is way better, but hey, she's been bowling well over 30 years. (I'm told the last time she missed a bowling night was after I was born. She didn't trust me alone with my Dad yet when bowling started back up in the fall. I think it was only one or two nights that she missed though. Guess she got over it pretty quick.) These things just collect dust though. I've thought about yoinking off the plates that say what they're for and framing those, but I don't know. Y'all got any ideas? Baseball 2Finally, this baseball. I think it's from sometime from 1990-1992 or so. It's the Toronto Blue Jays. I am not a Blue Jays fan. Never have been. I'm originally a Montreal Expos fan then a Mets fan (my family followed Gary Carter from one team to the next.) I did, however, travel to Toronto with the band (no we didn't play, it was just a trip we earned through fundraising) and we went to see the Blue Jays play. Whoopty-do. I can tell that Moises Alou's name is on it. Fun name to say, eh? Moises. hee. Anyway. Any diehard Toronto fans out there want this thing?


Bezzie said...

Ha ha, I've got quite the varied collection of state license plates. I can't wait to strip Texas off and add it to the pile. And I've never had to turn any of them in. So I think you're safe!

There's gotta be something kooky you could do with all of those bowlers after you yoinked the plates and framed them. I'd have to shower on it and get back to you.

Annie said...

Ha! I have a license plate or two... I love bowling, but alas, I sucketh. NICE trophies!

Tvini said...

You learn something new every day! Do you still bowl?