Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

Now that I have my camera in working order, with a nice big-ass 1 Gb memory card and everything, I thought it was high time I took pics of some gifties I've received lately. First up, the Circular Needle Case that Trillian42 made just for me! Circular Needle Case from Pam Check out that turtle fabric! Isn't it cute? This sucker holds all my Addis PLUS my KP Classic Circs and still has room for 2 more sizes! Yay custom made cases! Check out the buttons on it: Turtle Button! Aren't they perfect?! Yay! She also gifted me with a funny bobble-headed snapping turtle and a bottle of mead. I sorta forgot to photograph those. And NOT because I've already consumed the mead. I haven't. I swear! I'm saving it up. Next up, in a battle between needle cases, we have Zonda's colorful submission. Zonda's Circular Needle Case Aren't I a lucky turtle to be gifted not one, but 2 circular needles cases within a week of each other? She was worried I wouldn't like it since it's a different style than you usually see. She needn't worry! It's cool as hell! She was also worried that I wouldn't really need it since I'd mentioned that Trillian42 had made one for me in a blog entry right before I saw her Sunday. No no. Not the case. I have plans for this sucker. They involved adding some grommits to the corners on one end. I'll be hanging this up in my yarn room and put it to good use! One never has too many needles anyway. Right? Heh. I love it! Next up, AliceC gifted me with some Koigu mill ends and a yummy body salt scrub from Bath & Body Works. Ooooh. Alice's Gift to Me Even Ripple had to sniff the Koigu. (Camera whore that he is.) And I can't forget the Mountain Colors Bearfoot that Zonda also gifted to me! Mountain Colors Bearfoot She'd found herself in the envious position of having 2 hanks of this colorway and saw me mention on the knittyboards that I'd never seen this stuff in the wild. And now I have it to love and squeeze and call George! This stuff is everything I've heard about it and better. I don't think, besides Lorna's Laces, that I've ever felt such a soft sock yarn. Wow! And the colors are just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the sock yarn love Zonda! I was also gifted some absolutely scrummy bodywash and lotion by Roxy that didn't get photographed as they've already been employed and are residing in my bathroom. Holy crap does that stuff smell good! And I can't forget to mention the lovely AKKnitter who recently sent me some fun little turtles she came across and thought of me. (Funny that, seeing turtles and associating themm with me. Whodathunk?) I have some crafty plans for these guys so you'll see them in the future when they're in their final resting place. If I've forgot anything, please flog me in the comments and remind me and I'll be sure to make up for that in a subsequent post. I've been a busy turtle lately and can't rely on my memory right now. There. All caught up. *phew*


Sarah said...

Yay for more knitty gifts!

All lovely, of course!

And wow. That is the kind of bathroom I'd expect to find at a nice hotel, not a grocery store!

Areli said...

You have been nicely spoiled. It's funny how people think of you when it comes to turtles now :-)

Bezzie said...

Wow! Cool cases-both of them! And great yarn pics too. Even better with the yarn sniffing camera whore in there too!

Rain said...

Both cases are fantastic.

Dr. Purl said...

Those cases are awesome! I love the yarn, insert drool here.

Anonymous said... have a yarn ROOM?!

I want a yarn room.

My yarn has to share space with paint, and other artistic stuff.

One of those kids of mine are going to have to move.