Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Carmen + Calvin = Joy!

Carmen sent me a wonderful package for participating in her blog contest a few weeks ago! (And yes, mine is still ongoing - 68 public subscribers, 8 more to go) and I still suck and haven't sent Rain her's yet.) But check out the pile of joy she sent me! Carmen's Present to me! Turtle bathtub toys! I did take a bath last night but couldn't bring myself to toss them in yet. Not before their photo shoot. But aren't they so fun to look at? Also included was a house music mix-cd, a little notebook with my (our) initial on it, another turtle (destined to peek from behind a flower in my garden?) and a little zippered bag with a bookmark, cool pen and stitchmarkers in it! Check 'em out! DSCF0991 She even has her own e-bay store! I love my new little stitch markers. The construction is similar to Knitting Mamma's that she had sent me. I have to try this out for myself some time. I'm intrigued with how perfect the circles are. Thank you, Carmen! And now, some kitty pics. Wink! Calvin's Pretty Face Ready for a Snooze A comfortable distance And because I'm a total dork, a video of Calvin attempting to play with Ripple. Heh. And thank you all for the warm welcome you gave to Calvin. He's irresistable isn't he?


CanalGal said...

Calvin is adorable!! 7 months is a good age, playful but big enough to take any swats or cuff across the ear from Ripple. I love Calvin & Hobbs!

allisonmariecat said...

No wonder you had to bring him home. He's so cute. I love the pic where he's winking at you.

Anonymous said...

Awww...Calvin is so cute!, but I know how Ripple must feel. I remember the day my little brother came on the scene. *hmph* ...just tearing up everything in sight. Yeah, but I got used to him and so will Ripple. I guess he's ok now.

Your turtles look so cute together!

Thanks for the plug. I'll be adding new merchandise soon.

Have you listened to the house music yet? Does it make you happy, too? I listen to it on my way into work to get my day jump started. It makes me perky.

J.P. said...

The video is awesome! Those two will be bestest pals before too long.

Sarah said...


Calvin and Ripple will totally be hanging out together by the end of the week!

I'm so glad you got a rescue kitty!

Bobbi said...

what a couple of cuties!

and more turtle stuff! how nice!

Anonymous said...

Cool gifts and stitchmarkers!

Awww poor Calvin, he's trying so hard!!

Love the winking cat photo! ;0

Anonymous said...

Look at the fuzzy kitties! Oooh, fuzzy kitties! Oooh!

Yes, fuzzy kitties reduce me to imbecility. Anybody got a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Grrr...blogger ate my last comment.

Congrats on your new addition! Calvin it too cute! Once they get to know each other a little better, I'm sure they'll become fast friends. Next thing you know, they'll be plotting to take over the world. ;)

knitting-cat said...

My husband loved the video too. He talks cats and thinks they really are going to get along.

ZantiMissKnit said...

Ha ha ha, Ripple is so pissed!

Sometimes Zelia still has to give Solvie a smackdown, after 7 years together.

Erin said...

Okay, this is what's going to happen. Ripple with fall in love with Calvin, pretty soon probably. But he won't let you in on that. Whenever you're around, he'll keep avoiding and/or attempt to beat the crap out of Calvin. Just to make you think that he still hates him. But when you're at work, they're going to cuddle and play. I know this. It happens here.

knitten kitten said...

Congratulations on the new baby. He looks so sweet, and I'm sure Ripple Van Winklemeier will love him in no time.

cpurl17 said...

He's soooooo cute! He and Ripple will be fast friends I'm sure. I LOVE the winking photo.

And great gifties from Carmen!!

Jon said...

They look like they're getting along marvelously well. That's fanastic.

And has your sis sent your stuff from Japan? Tell her to get on the ball and do the needful.

Roxy said...



SO glad to see all the love and happiness going on there in your home :)
John totally approves of Calvin too!

Sorry I haven't been around - still working mad-crazy schedules til the end of the month ... will call you this weekend though!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I can finally see the video! I love Calvin's stripeage! Very cute. Just the look on Ripple's face while he's chillin' in what I'm assuming is your bathroom...priceless!

Anonymous said...

are they getting along better?! are they going to be "life long friends" ?!
i wish the best for you and your kitties :)

buttercup said...

I can't view videos at work and just got to see this. It's very obvious that Calvin knows who he has to suck up to - he's just going about it the wrong way... heh! They're adorable.

Love the pressies! Awesome stitch markers.

Happy Weekend!

Rain said...

Aw, Calvin is so sweet, I'm surprised you're getting any knitting done at the moment because I'd just want to play with him all day long.

Lovely gifts. Don't worry about me, just concentrate on those fab cats of yours.