Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, What Would You Do?

If you opened your trap enough to virtually invite a meme thrown your way? Dammit. I started trying to catch up on my blogroll Saturday and decided I'd try to comment a bit more on the ones I don't regularly actually comment on. And, well, I read This Post by La and went an commented:
turtlegirl76 Says: January 6th, 2007 at 11:11 am Dude, I don’t like memes and the folks that would actually ASK for a letter so they can do a meme? The hell? Here’s an “F” for ya - Foist. ‘cus that’s what you’d have to do to get me to do a damn meme. Foist one off on me and Feign that your Feelings would be hurt if I didn’t do it. Heh.
I was being a wiseass! I just wanted to see how many times I could use the letter "F" in a comment. Well, slap my ass and call me Sally because I got an e-mail this morning from La.
"F"ine! I "F"oist the letter W on you. And you'll hurt my feelings, no really, if you don't do it. Ha! Just kidding, you know how I don't like to be tagged, but prefer to elect to do memes. Do it if you like, and if you don't, no biggie. Surprisingly, I had fun with mine, and it gave me good fodder when I didn't have jack else to post. La
Well, phooey. Yes, she gave me an out but she still got me. I replied:
Ha! You said Fodder! "W" eh? Well, I wonder how a wierdo like me would wend their way through a wacked out list while not wimping out by wandering through the Wikipedia, I'll accept your Foisted letter and figure out how many times I can use whatthefuck as a word. Heh.
Her response?
Heh. The way this meme works is that you get a letter from someone and then you have to list ten things, themes, theories, etc. in your life that begin with that letter. So, I present to you, W. DSCF0861 1) Whiskers It's been less than a month since Morris passed away. Ripple is lonely. He misses his friend and it's so sad for me to watch him sleep in Momo's basket, or on the floor in front of me while I'm knitting. He just LOOKS so sad. He'll find a place on the floor to settle down and sloooowly lower himself down. Almost as if he too, is getting old and it's catching up with him. He's been jumping up on my lap frequently as well. He used to only do this when I had food, but now he does it while I'm knitting or reading the paper, or generally not paying attention to him. I've been playing with him a lot more, trying to cheer him up. But he needs a playmate. I've told my friends and co-workers to keep an eye and ear open for me. Ripple himself has been a huge comfort to me, as well as all of you. Your comments, e-mails, PMs and even packages have really helped keep my spirits up. But nothing can fill that hole in my heart that Morris filled. Not right now anyway. Dammit, now I have that Extreme song stuck in my head.
Life's ambition occupies my time Priorities confuse the mind Happiness one step behind This inner peace I've yet to find Rivers flow into the sea Yet even the sea is not so full of me If I'm not blind why can't I see That a circle can't fit Where a square should be There's a hole in my heart That can only be filled by you And this hole in my heart Can't be filled with the things I do Hole hearted
That song is definitely speaking to me right now. 2) Weather. You know, I love the south because we don't see snow very often but dammit, I love having 4 distinctly different seasons and I ain't gettin' 'em. I still haven't knit myself a new scarf, and feel like an idiot when I wear my hat and coat, but still. I want it to be colder out so it feels like January! It was 70 degrees out on Saturday! Wings 3) Wings I pass by this statue every day on my way to work. I took this pic at 7:30am so the lighting was sucky and I was trying to take it before the light turned green. But you get the idea. It heartens my spirits to see this. With the support of an angel at your back you really can dive into the great unknown without fear. It's a message of hope and strength. Few statues evoke such a spirit when you see them, but this one is special. I keep telling my friend D. that she needs to take her kick-ass camera over to this statue and capture it. God knows she'd do better than I could. 4) Working with the yarn. Remember this? Sensational KS  Sock Progress - something rib Y'all liked the look of that and thought the pattern was oh-so-cool but really, come on. That pattern wasn't working with the yarn. It was pooling! And not in an attractive way. I had gotten all the way past the heel and decided that I just wasn't feeling it. The pattern wasn't working with the yarn. So I frogged it. And made these: DSCF0854 Pattern: Wendy's Generic Feather and Fan" Yarn: Lorna's Laces in "Purple Club" Needles: Addi's US 1 Details: Magic Cast-On for the toe, short row heel. My short row heels are getting better and better. The P3Togs have always been nice and tight but I struggled with the K3Togs. I was doing a SSSK and that was alright, but on this pair I did a K3Tbl and that tightened it right up. I then did 5 rows of stockinette after finishing the heel before starting the cuff. It feels good on my foot and I do believe I'll be using this heel more often now. I've taken a page out of Knitting Mamma's book and been more attentive to what the yarn is telling me. If I don't hear it at first y'all need to be telling me. Seriously. If I post a WIP and you think it looks like crap and there's a better pattern out there for it, tell me! 5)Wheel Yarns Forever Spinning Demo 4Tvini and I had the opportunity to demo a Louet S10 on Saturday out in Greer, SC at Yarns Forever. That's Heather, the owner, sitting to the left of me. She was so patient. And talented! Never mind that she's a spinner, she also dyes her own yarns! I snapped up a skein of some Superwash Kona that you'll see on Friday. She's also nuts about socks, just like me, so she had a fabulous selection of sock yarn to choose from. Remember, sock yarn doesn't count, but this also counts as souvenir yarn. I don't care that it's only an hour and a half away. It's still a road trip. 6)Whatthefuck? Is that a puppy on your shoulder? Do I really have to explain this one? Look behind that guy's head. Click the pics for larger images if you still can't see it. Yup. That's a dog laying behind the guy's shoulder. That's me, trying not to laugh. Puerto Rican Turtle 2 7) Wood I received this turtle from fiberfool on the knittyboards. Her ex had gifted it to her after a trip to Puerto Rico. Rather than have it hang around her house and send bad juju vibes to her, she sent it on to me instead. I sent her a pattern row counter as sort of a swap/thank you! It's pretty cool looking and just the right size to house my small turtle brooches. Again, another way that the knittyboards really show you that there are some genuinely nice people in the world. Conner in his Swell Hat 8) Wonderful As in, that wonderful feeling you get when you get a picture like this in your inbox. That's my nephew modeling his Christmas present. It looks good on him! And a perfect fit! Yay for modeled pics! And not on cats or me! Heather and I at the Bowling Alley 9) Weak Do I ever feel like a Wuss after this weekend. As mentioned above, Tvini and I took a little roadtrip this weekend. The point of it all was to go bowling with a bunch of her friends from the NC Browncoats. Yes, another Firefly reference for those of you not in the know. And yes, I said bowling. You see, a little while back Tvini found out that not only did I used to bowl in a league when I was in high school, but I still have my own ball and shoes. Figuring I'd be a ringer for the Charlotte team, she asked me to come along. I did pretty well too. Surprisingly I broke 100 each game. Even bowling a 154 the second game. We had fun. And check out my new glasses in that pic. Shiney! 10) Weekend I need another one. Like now. So I can take a nice long hot bath and soak my weary muscles from bowling. I look forward to my weekends. As anyone that works a Monday-Friday work week would. But on the weekends I have a chance to work at the yarn shop, see my friends, and generally indulge myself in a long session of knitting if I so choose. I didn't go anywhere yesterday. I cleaned up the place a bit, actually organized my jewlery (and I desperately need a better place to store my earrings and necklaces and bracelets. I have a ring box but anyway...) The weekends are a time for finishing up projects, starting new ones, cleaning up the mess created from the week, and generally relaxing. Hopefully one weekend soon it will be for welcoming in a new little friend for Ripple. We'll see. If you'd like a letter, please e-mail me at prostiturtle at gmail dot com and I'll be happy to foist one off on you as well. Suckers.


Zonda said...

hehe!! Love your new glasses and the socks look great! I don't mind pooling, I figure it gives socks personality...(or could it be the fact that I really hate frogging as I do so much already! ;) Howevah! (the Mainer in me!) Everyone must listen to what the yarn says...right ;)

Oh, you got to try a wheel...hehe! Watch out! :)

trek said...

The Feather and Fan worked much better - love the socks.

Was it a real live puppy or just a stuffed/pillow version?

LadyLungDoc said...

I always say, if you can't have fun bowling, then you can't have fun PERIOD!

Jessica said...

I love statues like that! There's a big fairy around me somewhere that I want in my yard...whenever I get a yard. Your nephew is too cute! Your socks look better with the new pattern! Way to work with the yarn. My last weekend went by too quick! I miss it. :) I can't believe that guy had a dog behind him. I would have been cracking up! That must have been so uncomfortable for him!

Bezzie said...

Oo! I like that statue. Except if I was a pigeon with an inner ear disorder, I'd be afraid I'd fly into a wingtip and impale myself. IF I was a pigeon.

It's a shame you don't live closer. I'd bring the Springsmeister over to play with Ripple. He's always trying to play with Squeaky but Squeaky won't have any of it.

Well and plus I just have a thing for Ripple cat cheeks.

No letter for me please. I'd probably get X.

Bobbi said...

Great post! Love the socks and the statue and the dog in the car (my little likes to try to get up there, I don't let him)

buttercup said...

Try I got my Katie from there and they have tons of pets who are in need of a loving home. They even have little icons for "OK with other cats" and "No kids" or whatever. I bet you could have a new little furball friend for Ripple by the weekend!

Love the socks! I need to make a Feather & Fan pair one of these days!

La said...

See what I get for calling you on your bluff? I get to cry right before lunch time, because your #1 brought back memories of my dear Momoze, or "Momo" as you called yours.

Ok, now to go read 2-10

Robin said...

Can't believe the yarn pron woman doesn't have WOOL at the top of her W list! Just teasing....

BTW I am going to have to join you in pronny Fridays as I won't be buying more for a while, just appreciating what I have!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to try my hand at some spinning but I'm afraid I'd like it too much. Lol

Was the pic of the guy in the 'vert taken this weekend? I cannot believe how many men (yes, only men do this) have the tops down on their lil convertables when it's 60 degrees out. You don't see women doing this as we are too smart and leave the men to look like midlife crisis jackasses.

I do like the pattern of the first sock but the feather and fan socks worked out better. Fabu job!

Okay my word verification is pwaui. Who, besides me, immediately thinks of Hawaii?

Sarah said...

Nice socks! Much better!

And nice meme doing....I'm not a meme-er either normally!

Jennifer said...

I understand the feeling of the yarn speaking to you. The socks I just finished kept telling me that my pattern just wasn't going to work, so I just did st st. Much happier!

I love your FNF socks! I have been looking for a good pattern.

If your up to it, I'll take a letter! Anything to procrastinate!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh. You just gotta love a puppy scarf...made from real puppy!

I have been wanting to go to Yarn Forever, well, forever! Greer isn't that far away....

String Bean said...


Anonymous said...

I can't promise getting to it in the next few days, but I'll take a letter. :)

Rain said...

I almost tagged you a few weeks ago, but I was kind. See I can be good.

I love that statue, it's amazing.

I really hope you find a pal for Ripple soon, he sounds so lonely. Thank goodness he has you to take care of him and give him a hug.gwm