Sunday, February 05, 2006

Argh. An entire post, gone. Poof!

I had a nice meaty post up yesterday, and blogger seems to have lost it completely. Dammit. Anyway, it was mostly bitching about the 2 socks on 2 circs I'm trying to do, which today in talking with my LYS friend, I've decided to rip out. You see, I'm pretty sure I flipped it inside out after the first two rows. I persevered thinking it would fix itself. But no, even though I've tweaked it, it's not looking right. And I've picked the wrong pattern for this yarn anyway. I'm going to take one off the needles and do a few rounds of stockinette to find my gauge, and hopefully be able to do the Jaywalker socks instead. This yarn will look great in that pattern! You can see what I've done so far: I don't really want to rip that out, 1 x 1 cuff on Size 1 circs, 2 at once - not fun. But I know I'll be faster doing them one at a time. Seriously. I think I actually jumped into something a little fast. I'll wait after a few more pairs before I jump back on the 2 at a time bandwagon. In other news, the Booga Bag is nearly there too: Just 18 more rows to go and I can bind off (I've done just a couple more rows since I took this pic yesterday). I made more progress sorting stuff and throwing a ton of stuff away this weekend than I did on knitting. But I thought about it!


Pyewacket said...

You probably just saved me some frustration. I'm working on the second of my first-ever pair of socks, and I was thinking, "hey, can't you do both at once on 2 circs? maybe I'll try that next!"

Maybe I won't. :-)

Bezzie said...

I read the first post, but I couldn't comment...seems like there was something I was going to say, but shoot now I can't remember!