Thursday, February 09, 2006

For Bezzie Image hosting by Photobucket Hee hee. And if you don't know what that refers to, you really should read THIS POST and the comments. Then go to her blog, and read my response to it. hee hee. In knitting news, I finally cast-on that second pair of socks. If I didn't mention it before, I ripped out the first draft of the 2nd pair. Now, this beautiful yarn will be Jaywalkers. It took me a while to get them cast on (The first time, I forgot and just knit the first whole row instead of the K2P2 ribbing - D'oh!) and then I finally got going, and screwed up row of the pattern and had to tink back. Then I got to this one double decrease that just didn't want to happen. I had to get the crochet hook out 3 times for the same DD. Geez. It's moving along now. I have about an inch and a quarter done (yes that includes the ribbing) so I should make decent progress tonight. I hope I don't have to pay too much attention tonight. It's Survivor night. And nothing comes between me and Jeff Probst.


Rain said...

I hate it when things start out badly, but at least you are moving along now. That yarn will look fab as Jaywalkers.

Areli said...

Nice pickles!

Bezzie said...

LMAO!!! Too funny! Damn do those pickles look delicious--wanna arm wrestle for 'em? ;-)

I needed a good laugh after the week I've been having--Thanks!

Can't wait to see your Jaywalkers. My sock skills are totally lacking, I have to live vicariously thru someone!