Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mid-Month Dishcloth KAL

The pattern is called "Lacy Squares" and was the mid-month KAL at the Monthly Dishcloth KAL I joined a couple weeks ago. It's really cool the way it works. Twice a month, the moderator sends out a few rows (8-10 rows or so) of a pattern for a dishcloth. It's like a surprise KAL. You don't know until a couple days into the 7 day KAL what it's going to look like. I used some Peaches 'n Creme from Wally World (which, IMO is much softer and better than the Sugar 'n Creme) and it will be for my new kitchen! I've decided no more nasty sponges. Ew.


Areli said...

Looks good. I did that, too, knit up a bunch of nice dishcloths for my kitchen. I should do it again and retire a few of the old ones.

AmyArtisan said...

What a great version of it! :) I love the "citrusy" zig zag of the colors.

I should finish mine in the next day or so & then will get it posted to my blog.

Rain said...

Ooo it's pretty. I love the way the yarn worked out.

String Bean said...

My mom uses Peaches and Cream for the millions of washcloths she knits.We have more handknit washcloths in our linen closet than store bought washcloths. I prefer the handknit now, of course. She only did garter stich cloths for awhile, but now she's working on one in a tile stitch with linen yarn. She's moving on up. She claims she knits the washcloths "for a break". From what, I'm not too sure.

I'm excited for her though. I think I may have motivated her to knit a sweater! I'm knitting Forecast and she's been admiring it so much - she finally said she wants to knit her own. After the washcloth.