Thursday, February 16, 2006

Power Day!

Power what? Well, it wasn't a snow day. I had a half-day at work today because the power was out at work. The whole plant. Something about an electrical fire in the peanut department or something. All I know is that my first order of business for the day was to go buy flashlights. Then I got to sit by the light of an electric lantern and knit. Yay! Knitting at work! And it was ok! I sat and answered the one phone that was still working in our department, and waited. I finally got to go home around noon. In other news, last night I went to a new knitting group that I found through MeetUp. I met 5 new knitters, and found out about yet another group that I'll go check out next Wednesday night. It's nice to get out of the house more and meet new people. Now to get out of the house to meet more men. Hmm. I shared a few of my stitchmarkers, worked on my jaywalker a bit, and started my next felted purse. When I got home, I worked a bit more on Odessa (I'm now at least halfway done). Today was the first day of my mid-monthly dishcloth knit-alone (see sidebar for linkage) and since I couldn't print out the first set of instructions at work, I started yet another swirl dishcloth while I was there. When I got home I started the knit-a-long one. So wow, now I have Odessa, another purse, Jaywalkers, and 2 dishcloths on the needles. Ahh! Hopefully I'll finish up Odessa tonight to show off in tomorrow's entry. Wee!


Pyewacket said...

I salute your bravery! I'm not being facetious -- it takes moxie to expand one's social circle. Meetup looks very interesting.

Hooray for short work days!

Rain said...

Nice one on finding the knitting groups, it's always nice to share your interest.

Sounds like your knitting is flying along too.

Bezzie said...

I love power days! Ooo! Or once I got a gas main leak day! Those rock too!
I'm praying for an icestorm day tomorrow!!! C'mon mother nature! Bezzie's got a scarf to knit!!!

Shannon said...

I wish I could knit at work...that would be so nice. Yeah, I read about the group that meets at Books-A-Million in the Cotswold Shopping center... I'll have to check it out. I'm hoping to have a job in that area.