Wednesday, August 16, 2006

M is for Manzanita

Seattle & Oregon Trip August 2006 179 Seattle & Oregon Trip August 2006 048 M was going to be for "Magnets" but that is so lame compared to Manzanita. This is where my family and I stayed in Oregon for my sister's wedding. Simply gorgeous. If not freakin' cold. The daytimes were nice, but the wind - hoo boy. That's no joke man. The photo to the right - you can feel the cold can't ya? Brrr. And me, the idiot, thought "beach? Must be warm! Shorts and tops!" yeah. Not so much. I actually had to BUY a SWEATER! I told myself I'd never buy another sweater. If I wanted another sweater, I'd make it myself. Oh well. Emergencies ya know? Seattle & Oregon Trip August 2006 245 We had a nice time. The wedding was on Cannon Beach in Oregon, and Manzanita is about 23 miles south of there. The road between the two nearly did us in though. Wow. I don't get carsick, but geez, did the drive ever make me dizzy. And do NOT get in the car to drive there if you are hung over. Just sayin'. Seattle & Oregon Trip August 2006 193 So, I'm glad Steph wasn't able to get to a computer on Monday night. She called me and told me, and since I was at my sister's that night, I was able to blog. And I decided then, magnets simply wasn't good enough.


trek said...

Absolutely lovely M pictures.

Bezzie said...

Great M! And sorry, I had to giggle at the thought of a warm NW coast beach ;-)

Will N be [Yarn Store] Nextdoor?

AmyArtisan said...

What a great M post - how timely that you needed to post M now. :) The pictures are so pretty!


Buy a sweater? I thought there was a yarn store next door? You could have bought some super chunky and wrapped it around you a couple of times. HEEHEE sue
Gorgeous pictures!!

Zonda said...

Gorgeous photos!!

Stacey said...

Those photos are so gorgeous! We actually stayed farther south than that, in Waldport. Still beautiful, but it was overcast the entire time I was there...I didn't mind because I was tired of being hot. But no pretty sunset photos.
Then we went drove up the coast as far as Lincoln City to eat (please tell me you ate at Mo's at least once...) before heading back to PDX. Lovely trip...I can't wait to go back.
Glad you got to enjoy the Oregon coast.