Saturday, August 12, 2006

Love Soap!

Love Soap!Finally! I have pictures. Westozcaat was so nice to send me a R.A.K to cheer me up after that blogrant I posted a short while ago. (And I hope the term "H.R. Fuckinstuff" has served you all well.) Anyway, as you see, there is some mini-gummy dinosaurs (yum!) and soap. The one on the right smells like licorice and went completely unlicked by the resident soap-licker. The Love Soap, oh wow. The wrapper on it is so freakin' funny. With lines like "All you need is LOVE SOAP! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!", "Beautiful people will kiss you on the street!" and "Become personally irresistable! You owe it to yourself! Buy THis Soap and Burn!" it completely cracks me up. But the best bit might be the "testimonials" on the back. "Thank you for your incredible love soap. It changed my life. Everywhere I go people walk up to me and say the magic words, "I love you Bill Gates". - Bill Gates "LOVE SOAP changed my life. People avoidd me, hated me, went out of their way to cut me in conversations, wouldn't respond to my invitations, gave me a hard time and told me to my face that I was dull, boring, ugly and rude. Now I'm a talk show host!" - name withheld. How funny is that? Hee hee. Thank you, Kate!


Kate said...

you are more than welcome!

mf said...

to funny! Cute label! let us know how the soap is....;o))

marsh said...

Oh, I love the Love Soap. How did I not know about Love Soap? Also, I love that green sock yarn. It looks sooooo soft and cuddly.