Thursday, January 26, 2006

Felted Fuzzy Feet II: Electric Boogaloo

Well, I refelted them last night. But I didn't do them in the bath. I didn't have time, what with a sock to knit, American Idol, Lost, and Project Runway to watch. So I got a bucket out, put some dish soap in it, ran some hot water, and put the fuzzy feet on. I slowly dipped my right foot into the bucket...and quickly yanked it back out. That water was way too hot for my tootsies! So I threw the fuzzy feet into the bucket with some dishtowels and agitated. Ripple had fun trying to trap the stuff he could see moving all around from the outside of the bucket. I got them to felt a bit more, kept trying them on (with a plastic bag over my foot) and stopped once they felt sufficiently tighter. I squeezed out the excess water and wore them around for a bit (all the while wondering who let one rip - man does that stuff stink when it's wet!). I wore them around this morning too while I was getting ready. The stitches aren't as visible now, which pleases me. So the felted handbag I started last night (with some Cascade 220) should have a better shot at being felted correctly the first time. Oh, about the bag. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I had started it at the knitting group at work last night, one of the ladies was going to teach us how to make one. When I discovered that the pattern was from a class she and several others had taken, I just didn't feel right. I may just throw out the photocopied pattern and find a totally different one I like that won't infringe on anyone's copyright. I had tried to subtly explain that it wasn't exactly kosher to be copying the pattern, but don't think I quite brought the point across. I think I'll just either do a Booga Bag or one from the Vogue book "Bags: A Knitter's Dozen" that I got for Christmas. I turned the heel in my second sock last night. If all goes well tonight, I'll be wearing my handmade socks tomorrow! I love them! I think it'll be a while before I make any for friends or family. I have plenty more to make for myself first!


Rain said...

Seems like you've turned into a sock monster too!

I've got a picture of you in my head, of you sat knitting with your feet in buckets of water.

turtlegirl76 said...

Heh. I actually went ahead and tried the "wearing them in the bath" trick last night. I scrubbed them a bit with my body pouf and they felted much better. I wore them around, and they're still a touch loose around the ankle, but I'm hoping a trip through the dryer this weekend takes care of that.