Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm regressing

So, I've been doing nothing but improving my knitting as the days go by. Then I started the Clapotis. First, I forget what a SSK is, think I skipped ahead a row, tinked back only to realize I'm just an idiot. Then, I mess up the twisted stitches because of the tinking. THEN, last night I picked it up again to start another increase section only to start knitting on the purl side and purl on the knit side. Had to tink back 2 rows. I finally managed to finish one more increase section but good gourd! What the hell am I doing? On another note - if you look to the left you'll see I've updated my links. If I stalk read your blog, it's there. I used to have a button of my own on my blog, but since no one ever "took" it, I removed it. I'm pondering creating a new one...

1 comment:

Rain said...

I get days like that when nothing goes right.

My bad for your button, i'd have used it if i'd seen it.