Monday, January 02, 2006

Holey Voodoo, Batman!

I finished my Voodoo wristwarmers just in time for work tomorrow! This will be the perfect opportunity to poke fun at my boss for how friggin' cold he keeps the office. Don't think I won't bust these out in July either! I have to run my heater year round because it's so cold. I love these! I do plan on making the fingerless gloves from Weekend Knitting as well. I want to have some fitted fingerholes. I was going to try that with these, but I'm not ready to tweak a pattern quite that much yet. But I'm very happy with these fuzzy ones. This is the Holey Moley Scarf from Creative Knitting Magazine (January '06) I made for my pet sitter as a thank you. I was so close to finishing it in time to give it to her along with payment for watching the kitties. Oh well, I washed it and blocked it and got all the fringe done. I'm not terribly impressed with the pattern, I do find that it puckers the scarf a bit. If there were an additional row of knitting in between the cast off and cast on rows for the holes, I don't think it would pucker as much, but I'm not sure how you'd accomplish that. You'd have to do two extra rows and turn your work for each little section - total pain in the ass. But the finished object is cute.


Rain said...

The voodoos look great. I wear my wrist warmers so much.

Areli said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I would love to see an illusion scarf done with panthers, that would be amazing.

Your wrist warmers look great, the color you chose is so pretty.