Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Felt Them Up

Yeah, you can still see the stitches a bit. But they fit the length of my feet perfectly. They are a bit loose around the instep and ankle though. I think I might try felting them to fit a bit better by wearing them in a nice hot bath. That way, the length won't change, but the rest can. The Fuzzy Feet were really fun to knit. And a great way to get me ready for socks. And yes, I finished the first one on Monday night, I'm nearly done the cuff of the second one, but no pics until I can model the pair! And yes, I have to model them because if I took a picture of the socks just laying there, you'd think "Um, those look a wee bit long" when in fact, they fit my size 9 feet perfectly. They just look funny when they aren't being worn. Oh and look over in the right sidebar please. See that "Where are you visiting from?" - that's a Frappr map. I've had it up for a little while now. And as far as it looks, I have no friends. Now, judging by the growing number of comments I'm getting (yay!) and from people I know happen to have Frappr accounts (a-hem) would it be so much to ask to reveal yourself on the Frappr map please? Pretty Please? With sugar on top?

1 comment:

Rain said...

Your fuzzy feet look great, I like the colour of them. I agree with you on the bath idea.

He he he, Frappr told me that I have no friends too, don't you just love the internet!