Sunday, January 15, 2006


Surely I haven't come down with a case of startitus? Let's take a look at my current works. There'sAiblinn, Clapotis, the My So-Called Scarf, Reverse Bloom Flower Washcloth, and Fuzzy Feet. "What's that?" you say? "Fuzzy Feet? Since when did you start the Fuzzy Feet?" Um, last night at around 9:30pm. I'm already past the heel shaping on one. I really want to start knitting some socks but told myself that the fuzzy feet need to be done first since it'd be a good introduction to them. I had so much fun I was surprised I got as far as I did in just a couple hours. I won't have them done in time to felt them today when I do my weekly laundry trek to a friends house. Or will I? Hmm...

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