Monday, January 09, 2006

Miracles, they still happen.

I love my cats. I do. But they piss me off every time I catch them being all cute and loving to each other because they don't keep it up long enough for me to get a picture of it. Do you think I can ever get a pic of them cleaning each other? No. As soon as I lean forward to grab the camera (yeah, it's always nearby) they move. But Saturday night, I caught them. And I was even sitting on the futon to the left of them when I caught it. I was even able to run upstairs, grab the camera (I had left it there after unloading the last set of pics to it) and get all the way back down the stairs to start snapping. Do you believe it? I didn't. I got that one right away. They looked at me with absolutely no interest. I got closer. Aww. You see, that spot used to belong to Morris. (The grumpy old man in the back - doesn't he look like Walter Matthau?) Then Ripple, the bratty cat in the front, decided it was pretty comfy. Morris just let him take it, and would either sleep on the back of the couch or on the floor. I just hated that for him. Mo-Mo is like, 15 years old. Ripple is 6. Ripple can handle the floor. Heck, there's a nice big spot on the futon next to me that he can have. In fact, that's where he was sleeping before he appropriated Mo's spot. But every now and again, they share. And I caught 'em! In other news, thought I'd post some pics of my WIPs. Here's the Aihblinn: I just joined the 2nd ball of yarn. I'm a bit worried that it might now start to pool a bit. I didn't think to join it at the same point in variegation as I left off. I'm a fan of the russian join, it's saves me ends to weave in later. But I really should have matched it up better. Damn. I've only done one row since joining, so I may yet do that if it doesn't start to vary more. But it's pretty. And here's the beginnings of my Clapotis: I think I'm about ready for section 3 where I can have all sorts of fun dropping stitches. I might just do a couple more increase sections first though. At least one anyway. It is supposed to be a shawl. Eventually. I also started the reverse bloom washcloth from Weekend Knitting in Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I'm doing it in a pretty lavendar color for my mother's birthday in February. I have 3 petals done. I haven't decided what I'll be working on at my Stitch n Bitch tonight, but more than likely, a bit of each.

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Rain said...

Aw, cutie cats.

I started doing russian joins too, but it's a pain if you didn't get it in the right place.