Thursday, January 05, 2006

I did it..

I cast on for Clapotis finally. I'm making this first one for a friend's mother's 90 B-Day. Her birthday isn't until St. Patrick's day, but he went and told her my plans and she's already wondering where her shawl is (thinking it was for Christmas) so I'm starting it now. I totally screwed the pooch on the second increase round, forgetting how to SSK and thinking I was a stitch short. I tinked back and then realized I was fine and just an idiot, so when I reknit the row, I ended up (I think) double twisting the twisted stitches. Hope it all works out fine. I'm using Red Heart Soft Baby yarn in the color "New Mint" (As seen in link). I probably should be using it doubled, but hey, if I don't like the way it looks when I drop that first stitch, I'll go ahead and frog it and start over. I'll probably make it better the second time starting it anyway. I've stalled on Aibhinn. Dunno why, I guess it's because it's so many stitches in a round and K3P3 the whole way, it's just slow to me. I am trying to get an hour in on it nightly, but my left pinky finger starts hurting from holding the knitting. I have no idea why, I knit english style so my left pinky's only role is to loosely hold onto the left end of the needle. And it's on circs so - why? Sheesh. I have a footbath, maybe I need a handbath now too. The yarn is so beautiful knit up though. It's Plymouth Encore Colorspun (color as shown in pic). I normally wouldn't spring for this kind of yarn, but I went ahead with it. She's one of my best friends and deserves it. I know, I know, you're thinking "It's not that expensive!" But, yeah, it is - for me. But I like supporting my LYS and when I want to make small projects, with yarn that is partly wool or 100% - I'll go for it. But I have to back off for a while, I need to move again (stupid apt. complex jacking the rent) and have to start purging some stuff and saving up money. I hate moving. Anyway... In other boring knitting news, I finished yet another dishcloth. That makes 4. This one is for a friend. I started it on New Years day at a party - just in case I got the non-smoking jitters. I ended up meeting anther knitter there and teaching her how to purl! I gave her my dishcloth pattern as well, since I have it memorized. She was intimidated at first, but I convinced her it was really easy, just follow the pattern and you'll see!

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Rain said...

The clap certainly is catching, everyone's making it.

The yarn you've chosen is gorgeous.