Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bobblicious is officially started

So, I managed the three-needle bind-off on the HP scarf last night. Flipping the thing inside out to weave in all the ends was tedious, but I got it done. My provisional cast-on was successful too. I managed to pick up all the stitches and finish off the last few rows and bound that off too. I washed it (boy did that red heart yarn bleed. I'm hoping, actually, that it calmed down the gold a bit) and it's blocking now. It probably won't be ready for the fringe treatment until tomorrow night, but I might go ahead and get it cut at least. I started Bobblicious last night. The bobbles were a bit time consuming. Knitting into the front and back twice and then once again was not easy with such big needles and chunky yarn. I've though about trying the YO method of bobbling, but I don't know if they'll turn out looking different, so I'll just keep trucking. I got through 1 and a 1/4 rows of the bobble pattern. Hopefully I can at least finish the first bobble section tonight and get the reverse stockinette humming along. I really want to wear this on Saturday.

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