Monday, December 26, 2005

Knitmas success!

Well, sis loved her sweater vest and "got it" as far as how much time and effort something like that takes. So that made me feel so much better! And her fiance loved his scarf too. She laughed because she had been working on a scarf for him for a while but never finished it, now she thinks she'll frog it and make something else. Cousin loved her cowl (I really wasn't sure how that would go over, it is odd looking) and her kids promptly traded scarves, then eventually traded back. Kids are so funny. Uncle loved his scarf as well and Mom loved her hat and scarf. She did mention that it was a wee bit loose, which I was afraid of. I had used the scarf yarn as a carry along yarn for the brim and since it was essentially a thin ribbon of yarn with fur, I didn't think the gauge would be so affected by it. Well, you learn. I'm going to try weaving two of the ribs together and see if that works. I was also able to get my first dishcloths done! I made them from the pattern in Creative Knitting magazine's holiday edition. They're the same yarn (Sugar 'n Cream) and pattern, one's just wet. Funny how water totally changes the character of a yarn? I had to make my mom get the first one wet. I told her it wasn't a doily, it's meant to get wet and be used. She also tried saying her scarf and hat were for "special occasions" i.e. they're staying in the box for eternity because she's afraid to wear them. I said just because it's handknit doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it. I made them to be worn so go ahead already! Funny, she's the one that taught me to knit in the first place. This is the panta I made my mother this weekend, inspired by Zibibbo's recent blog post. It turned out beautifully. It's made from Joann's Sensations Angel Hair yarn. It took me a little less than two evenings to make on size 5 needles. I'm planning on making one for me, altered to include a couple cables rather than raised ribs. Currently I have 2 WIPs. I'm working on some Voodoo Wristwarmers for me, wrestling with double pointed needles. And I frogged the beginnings of the wimple I was making for my friend. The pattern just wasn't turning out the way I envisioned so I'm using the pattern for an Aibhlinn and plan on altering the bottom of it to flare out over the shoulders like the wimple pattern I have does. So we'll see. My mom about had a heart attack when I ripped out what I had done. But it's looking much better now. My very wonderful sister who got my name for Christmas, got me this wonderful knitting bag. It's gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it. Here's a pic of the bag itself. I love the cable in the middle. It has a pair of bamboo needles inside and a bamboo crochet hook as well! I had no idea they made bamboo crochet hooks. I can't wait to start using it once I get back to Charlotte and away from all the snowy wetness. Here's hoping everyone had as great a Christmas as I did!


Rain said...

It's good to know you're gifts went down well.

I've never seen bamboo crochet hooks either, but I bet they're great to use.

mf said...

Cool Bag!