Sunday, December 11, 2005

I think it's almost done. I've done 9 repeats of the trapped bar, and am nearly done the final MC repeat. It's long. It's plenty long I believe. I know others have stopped at the 9 repeat mark, and I didn't think that would be long enough, but now that I'm there. I think it's long enough. But I don't want to chance waiting for me to finish with the fringe and the blocking and finishing to ship my Nephew's gift. So this is what went in his package along with a book. On the finished object front, I got my cousin's scarves almost done! I have the two kid's scarves finished and am halfway through my cousin's. I've decided to make her a cowl. I'm winging it, but I think it'll turn out pretty cool. Pics of all three when the cowl is done. Oh, in the pic above, the bottom box says this: "It's knit in a tube so it looks the same from both sides. That's 90 stitches per row in that tube. There is supposed to be 880 rows in the pattern. I've done 603. That's 54,270 stitches out of 79,200. That's love. Don't worry, I'm not going to do all 13 repeats of the pattern. You'd be stepping on it. Even when you reach 6 feet." Heh, think he'll appreciate it?

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