Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Needles are Bare.

The Christmas knitting is done! Yeah, I know, I still have my Uncle's scarf to do. But that will take me all of an hour tonight so I'm calling it done. The hat and scarf is for my mother. She picked out the fuzzy yarn (I'm trying to block it from my memory so I can't remember what brand it is) and I paired it with Wool-ease in black for the matching hat. The hat was made from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns and the scarf from a Lion Brand pattern I can't seem to find anymore on their website. It's a simple keyhole scarf done in seed stitch. I hope she likes it. The kid's scarves and the cowl for my cousin I winged. No pattern! Wee! On scarves, I mixed fun fur with homespun so it was still warm, yet fun. I tried a bell shape on the purple garter stitch one, it coulda turned out better, but I'm happy overall. The other one looks so pretty, the pic doesn't do it justice. It's just a straight garter stitch. The cowl is from Paton's Bohemian. It started out in a 4x4 rib and progressed to 3x3 then finally 2x2. It looks pretty cool. And I like the button too. It feels so soft around the neck. I hope she likes it. I know it borders on the "You Knit What?", in fact, they all do. But hey, I figure at the very least, they can use them for dress-up. The kids are young.

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Rain said...

I bet you're pleased to have it all finished. Looks like you've been busy.