Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm a Ghetto Knitter, and I'm proud of it.

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That's right. I said it. I'm a ghetto knitter. I came across this button on .Mamma's blog and it immediately called to me. I followed the button to one of it's founders,candsmom where I saw her compelling declaration. So here is my own.
"I live for Lion Brand, Red Heart, Bernat, Sugar 'n Cream and Caron. I will never have a whole sweater knit out of Alpaca, Mohair or Angora or even 100% Wool. Can't afford it. I own no Addi Turbos, but have an extensive collection of Boye's. I buy my knitting books used from Amazon, when I can. Yes, I've collected a library to rival that of Borders, Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million, but it's not paid for. Thanks to Visa. But I've not charged a single skein of yarn. Give me your Thick 'n Quick, your Wool-ease, your Boucle, Fun Fur (yeah, Fun Fur), your Homespun, Landscapes (But only as a gift, it's still a wee pricey for me), your Super-Saver, Simply Soft and your One Pounder. I will knit them all on my Boye Needles and proudly show it off. I'm not afraid, for I, am a Ghetto Knitter."


Rain said...

I think i'd be a ghetto knitter too!

Huge thanks for putting my button on your blog.

Moon said...

Yep yep...I too am a Ghetto as hell knitter.
Cheap is as cheap does...
like my often overly bleached hair, and often too dark eye makeup, and deep disturbing love of the glittered and bedazzled, I add the love of "on the cheap yarn".
I like the fancy stuff too... ;0)
But budget often rules.