Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mixed Emotions

I had high hopes for making some good progress this weekend on my HP and Irish Hiking scarves. But alas, they were dashed. I had to drive an hour north to a freinds house for a "jewlery party" (yes, I spent too much - but I got a cool canvas tote out of it!) and right after I got home, went out to dinner and watched "Walk the Line" (fabulous, fabulous movie) and only got a chance at 10:30pm to pick up my knitting. I did manage to get the 7th trapped bar repeat finished. And today, I won't have much of a chance until the evening either. But for an even better reason - I'm going to the Panther's game against Atlanta! Yay! ETA - I was able to work on the IHS on my way to and from the game. So I've actually been able to add a good 5 or 6 inches on to it today. I need to make an official measurement, then I can update the progress bar on the right. But yay! The weekend wasn't a total loss!

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