Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Casting on...again

I made the scarf for my Uncle last night - it's identical to the Future-Bro-in-Law's. Nice and soft. I may try blocking this one when I get home tomorrow. I also cast on for the wimple (formerly referred to as a cowl) for my friend's birthday. The pattern is from the pattern-a-day calendar for 2006 she got me for Christmas. Specifically, November 18th & 19th. I did a few rows on it, realized I was doing stockinette and switched to purl. I'm going to do a few different stitch patterns throughout it. I really want this to be a unique gift. I also went ahead and started a dishcloth on some plastic size 8 circs for the plane ride home tomorrow. I know knitting needles are allowed now, but I'm not wanting to chance anything by bringing metal needles in my carry on. The circs are from my Knit-Knack Kit. and really blunt. Not something I'll cry over if they take them. I've also printed out the list from the tsa website that says they're allowed. So I'm all set. I'm doing this cool spiral dishcloth pattern from the winter Creative Knitting magazine. I think I'll give it to my Dad as a cloth for his glasses. I like the one I made earlier that was supposed to be a dishcloth, so I think he'll like it too. We shall see. I have so much to do today. I did manage to vacuum and tidy the apartment and clean out the fridge already. I still have to pack, go to Sam's after work and cash in my membership voucher from work, and hopefully find something for my Dad. He wouldn't wear anything knitted, so I didn't make him anything. Should he decide otherwise while I'm home I will most certainly make something. I also have a friend that wants to come by and see me before I leave (she's one of those people that get's premonitions or gut feelings about something and I have a feeling she's not feeling to positive about my plane travel. And she's usually right, this makes me nervous.) Oh, and I need to call and schedule a cab to pick me up at 5am (ugh) and cancel delivery of my newspaper. I failed to notify the post office so hopefully the girl that's cat-sitting for me can help me out there. I need to water all my plants, buy kitty litter, get cash for the cab...Ugh. I hope I can get out of work early today. Merry Christmahannakwanzakah to all!

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Rain said...

Hope they don't snatch your needles.

Your wimple pattern sounds really interesting.