Thursday, December 01, 2005

Progress Sucks this Week

Ugh. My apartment is in shambles. See, ever since I moved into it in March, the back door in the kitchen has leaked everytime it rains. At first, it wasn't so bad, but a towel down and that was fine. Then, everytime I'd step near the door, the floor sunk just a bit more than the last time. I had reported this when I first moved in, but the apt. management declared "there's nothing we can do about it." Boy, do I wish I had recorded THAT statement because they sure as hell don't remember it. I finally got a maintenance guy over to fix (yet) another leak and had him look at the floor in the kitchen. "Oh yeah, we can fix that. I'll call the contractors and have them come take a look at it." Less than a week later, they had replaced the subfloor in that spot. Problem was, they didn't replace the linoleum where they ripped up the floor. They left a note saying "Please call the office to schedule replacement of the linoleum." Well, woo-hoo! I get new linoleum to replace the decades old crap that's in there. BUT - I have to take out EVERYTHING in the kitchen in order to do it. Everything but the stove and the fridge that is. So they're coming today, and my kitchen is in my living room and the cats are locked up in the bedroom. That's not even the whole of it. Yesterday I had the apartment exterminated because palmetto bugs are gross and I don't care what anyone says, they're cockroaches to me. And they creep me out. I've had problems with that since day one too. I've tried spraying myself, but it only helps temporarily. In order to have them do it, I had to have the cats out of the apt. for the day. So we took a field trip to a friends house yesterday and they camped out there. The worst part was having to thoroughly empty the kitchen cabinets though. Everything, and I mean everything, was in my living room yesterday. I was able to put back all the stuff that was in the cabinets last night, and that helps a wee bit. But man, I can't wait to get home, see that new linoleum floor, and put it all back the way it was. I've gotten very little knitting done because of it all this week. (See? Thought I wasn't going to get it related to knitting did ya?) So, I'm 5 rows into the 6th pattern repeat of the HP scarf. And I do indeed think I'll be stopping at 9 repeats, so, can I say I'm 75% done? Can I? Huh? Huh?

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